Don’t Be Fooled by Soros’ Great Deception-America and Trump Are In Grave Danger

Sunday, November 5, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 5th, 2017

George Soros is preparing to unleash holy hell on America. His so-called “Purple Revolution” is designed to produce a civil war and at the same time force Donald Trump from office.

The dreaded November 4th day of infamy has come and gone and we are still alive, we are still here. Today, on November 5th, we all are breathing a collective sigh of relief. The much dreaded Soros-led revolution against our country has come and gone and it has failed miserably. Antifa has become Antifail. The much anticipated nationwide protests, designed to remove Donald Trump from office has failed and failed miserably. The good guys have won and the bad guys have failed. The Independent Media has is rejoicing in America’s good fortune. For example, here are two reports from Breitbart and Infowars where they are proclaiming defeat for America’s 5th column forces.

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2 Responses to “Don’t Be Fooled by Soros’ Great Deception-America and Trump Are In Grave Danger”

  1. DHB

    Look at the reality, it was the deep state, all our deep contacts telling us that Antifa was going to unleash hell. Soros played us and we danced to his tune. It was all a big lie and we believed it. Now we have become the purveyor of fake news. We have all been played making us all Don Quixotes, fighting windmills thinking we are doing something useful. We have become the voice of rumour mongering. We have been played again and made to look really, really foolish. And the deep state just laughs as we run after one story or rumour, or dependable inside tip that turns out again to be totally and completely wrong. We end up chasing our tails, never getting anywhere and our credibility to the unsaved world is damaged and what that does for us to preach the Gospel to the lost. “Why should I believe in the God you preach when all this stuff you say is going to happen never does?” So where are God’s heart and leading of the holy spirit in all of this? Where is the spirit of discernment?

  2. Strayhorse

    Why is George Soros not indicted by the world court as a international economic terrorist?


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