Actor Corey Feldman says he will release names of Hollywood types who have “engaged in predatory pedophila”

Sunday, November 5, 2017
By Paul Martin

by: JD Heyes
Sunday, November 05, 2017

In the wake of the sexual assault scandal engulfing Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and allegations that actor Kevin Spacey once propositioned a 14-year-old boy as an adult, actor Corey Feldman says he is about to release the names of everyone in Tinsel Town he is aware of who has engaged in “predatory pedophilia.”

Appearing last week on NBC’s “Today” show, Feldman, in an interview with host Matt Lauer, said he has already gone to the police but feels like more needs to be done.

“Why are you talking to me? Why aren’t you talking to the police right now?” the host asked.

“I told the police. In fact, if anyone wants to go back to 1993, when I was interviewed by the Santa Barbara Police Department, I sat there and gave them the names,” Feldman responded. “They are on record. They have all of this information, but they were scanning Michael Jackson. All they cared about was trying about to find something on Michael Jackson.”

Lauer noted that Feldman said Jackson had never abused him.

“Michael was innocent,” the Stand By Me and Goonies star continued. “And that was what the interview was about with the police in 1993. I told them, he is not that guy. And they said, maybe you don’t understand your friend. And I said, no, I know the difference between pedophiles and somebody that is not a pedophile because I have been molested. Here’s the names, go investigate.

“And let me push this forward, there are thousands of people in Hollywood that have the same information,” he added. “Why is it all on me? Why is it, if I don’t release the names in the next two months, six months or a year, I’m the bad guy? I’m the victim here. I’m the one who has been abused. I’m the one who is trying to come forward and do something about it.”

Lauer attempted to interject something at that point, but Feldman cut him off.

“Please, I’m sorry,” he continued. “There are thousands of people out there, Matt, who have this information. Any one of those child actors that went to the teenage soda pop clubs with me when I was a kid, know who those people are and the people who ran it. Anybody can go back through history and look at the Teen magazines and say what was the name of that venue they were promoting and who ran that venue own who endorsed it.”

Feldman also admitted to Lauer that he has been getting death threats over his promise to go public with names of alleged Hollywood pedophiles. (Related: Parade of dirtbags: Ben Affleck, Jimmy Kimmel, Harvey Weinstein all exposed as liberal Hollywood elitists who abuse women.)

“Another reason I think go to the police,” Lauer said. “That’s a crime to threaten someone’s life.”

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