The Real Reasons for Trump’s Trip to Asia

Saturday, November 4, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
November 4th, 2017

On Friday, Trump left for Hawaii, and he will continue on t0 5 Asian nations in 12 days. Trump left for Hawaii, and he will continue on to Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. The Washington Post, CNN and the New York Times are uniformly reporting that President Trump is expected to focus on efforts to build consensus on North Korea’s nuclear threat and meet with Asian leaders to discuss trade. The President’s admirable cancellation of the TPP has left a void in trade with the Pacific Rim nations and Trump intends on addressing the void.

The reasons listed for President Trump’s Asian trip are uniform whether one is gathering information from the Washington Post, The New York Times or CNN. It is almost as if one person, with one agenda wrote the press release. Of course, that could never be the case because that would imply that there was a conspiracy afoot and everybody knows that there is no such thing as a conspiracy because the New World Order’s corporate controlled media told me so.

The MSM Refuses to Cover the Following Reason for the Trip

The Common Sense Show has learned from two “deep-cover” independent sources, over the past three days that Trump’s trip is trying to build a strong military contingent in Asia to counter Russia and China.

The MSM is not reporting is that Trump intends on telling these nations it is his definitive intention to return American manufacturing jobs back to the United States. However, Trump is intending on building a military network similar to NATO. This will shift some of the Pacific Rim nations economies from hosting American corporations to economies based on military spending.

On one hand, this is good news for the American worker. However, this is even better news for the arms industry portion of the millitary industrial complex. This is also a brilliant move by Trump to divide portions of the Deep State. And we know that the Deep State is behind Antifa and their related allies as they continue to attack the United States. This is a brilliant move by Trump to divide and conquer his enemies. Mark my works, over the next two weeks we will all hear phrases like “we need to protect our common interests with regard to trade and national and regional security”. National security is the operative term for building military allies for the collective security of the region. When one hears this buzz word, the Trump fix is in. Therefore, it can be said that Trump’s trip has seperate agendas besides the trade issue. Additionally he is able to meet with the leaders of China and Russia and head off the intended UN action in the United States in which Russia and China would play the primary roles. This new military alliance would directly threaten China. It is a brilliant move by Trump to gain leverage over his enemies.

By the way, one of the sources told me that there was another reason, a domestic reason for the trip. This reason strikes deep into the heart of the Deep State appartus that is trying to remove the President from office.

The Domestic Reason for Trump’s Sudden Asian Trip

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