3 Ways The NYC Terrorist Attack Proves The ‘War on Terror’ is a Failure and Simply Propaganda

Wednesday, November 1, 2017
By Paul Martin

The NYC Terrorist Attack serves as a reminder that the War on Terror has taken away Americans’ freedoms, and failed to keep them “safe.”

By Rachel Blevins
November 1, 2017

A truck attack in New York City that killed eight people on Tuesday is now being hailed the “Deadliest Terrorist Attack in New York Since 9/11,” after the suspect reportedly pledged allegiance to ISIS and left a note at the scene. But there are a few glaring reminders that the War on Terror should have prevented the latest “lone-wolf” attack to be sensationalized by the mainstream media.

Here are 3 ways the NYC Attack proves that the War on Terror has failed:

1. The suspect was a legal immigrant from Uzbekistan—a country outside of the United States’ fear-mongering terrorist map

Within hours of the attack, police released the identity of the suspect as Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, a 29-year-old from Uzbekistan who was living in the U.S. legally under a Diversity Visa. He was described by a close friend as “a very good guy” who is “very friendly.”

While the claims that Saipov emerged from his truck yelling “Allahu Akbar” and left a note apparently saying that he carried out a terrorist attack in support of the Islamic State, are textbook examples of everything the U.S. government wants Americans to associate with terrorism, the similarities end there.

Saipov was not a Syrian refugee, and he was not an illegal immigrant. If he did have connections to ISIS, then the elaborate billion-dollar mass surveillance industry used by the U.S. government to spy on innocent citizens should have picked up on the red flags.

Although the U.S. has restricted travel and attempted to place even stricter bans on countries such as Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia and Yemen—all nations where the U.S. has conducted illegal drone strikes and killed innocent civilians—it seems to have completely missed Uzbekistan.

2. The Attack was first reported as both a truck attack and a shooting—but it was not the typical kind of shooting

While it is no secret that as soon as news of a mass shooting is reported, there seems to be a team of politicians, celebrities and media pundits who take to social media to call for gun control before any of the actual details are released, this attack was different.

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