Police ‘Shakedown’ Corey Feldman Just After He Reveals Plan to Expose Hollywood Pedophiles

Monday, October 23, 2017
By Paul Martin

Days after Corey Feldman announced that he will reveal a plan to bring Hollywood pedophiles to justice, he was given a ‘shakedown’ by police for marijuana possession.

By Jack Burns
October 23, 2017

The latest Hollywood scandal comes as no surprise to one actor who has been trying to warn the public of the dangerous sexual predators who are running rampant in the entertainment history for several years.

In 2013, Corey Feldman broke his silence and said what many were already thinking—that Hollywood is filled with pedophiles who are raping, molesting and damaging child actors and musicians, leading many to fall into depression and suicide. Fast-forward to 2017, where media mogul Harvey Weinstein has been outed as a serial predator, and A-list actors and actresses are discussing how they were raped as children.

Feldman was detained by the Mangham Police Department in Louisiana on Saturday, just days after he promised to reveal a plan to bring child sexual abusers to justice. He was charged with one count of possession of marijuana and a traffic charge.

Police Chief Perry Fleming said Feldman was released after being charged and had to pay a fine. Others in his entourage have been charged as well. The arrest and subsequent legal trouble forced Feldman to cancel his music concert scheduled at the Live Oaks Bar and Ballroom in Monroe. He is traveling cross-country on his ‘Heavenly US Angelic Tour’. The arrest, which arguably cost Feldman thousands of dollars, has caused many eyebrows to raise, including those of political activist Milo Yiannopoulos.

Milo posted a link to the story of Feldman’s arrest on Facebook and included a comment alleging Hollywood may actually be behind Feldman’s legal troubles for a plant that is legal in some form in 29 U.S. states.

“They are going to silence him before he can blow the lid on Hollywood,” Milo wrote.

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One Response to “Police ‘Shakedown’ Corey Feldman Just After He Reveals Plan to Expose Hollywood Pedophiles”

  1. Manny

    Mr. Feldman…this is what you get for shooting yer mouth off ‘before’ you do wot yer gonna do. Never, and I do mean never let your opponent know what you are up to before you do it. The result is what just happened to you. Yuh gonna get a lot of flak, and too early. Just sayin, don’t let them know what’s up. Now you have to look over your shoulder every time you go out the door least you accidentally commit suicide.


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