Is America Becoming the Next Sweden?

Monday, October 23, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
October 23rd, 2017

President Trump has tried with all of his might to lessen the threat that could be potentially posed by Muslim immigrants in the sam emanner as has been experienced in Europe. His efforts are being met with an all out war on both his presidency and the American people.

To All Muslim Immigrants:

If one is a Muslim who is legitmately running for their lives and haas achieved the requisite refugee status, and then come to America, welcome! Welcome immigrants, America will provide you and your family with unparalleled freedom compared to what you have experienced. Your girls will have a future and the sanctity of their bodies will be protected by law. Your children will receive as much education as they earn. And you will not find a caste system that will prevent your children from pursuing their dreams. This is the country that you have been lucky enough to be deposited in. Further, if you are willing to respect the Constitution as the supreme law of the land, we welcome you to take your place in our great country. Welcome immigrant, aas the guests of a generous country, if you respect the right of Jews, Christians and others to practice their religion as they have since the inception of the country. If however, you wish to practice Sharia Law to the exclusion of the Constitution and America’s right to worship and travel anywhere in the country as we please, then you need to leave before the legitmate forces of this country, led by President Donald Trump, expel you and yours. You have entered a country in which your right to worship as you wish is granted but that right ends at the constitutionally protected noses of your new neighbors. We will not tolerate any substitution for the Constitution being the supreme law of the land. If you plan to conspire to create no-go-zones and hararass local citizens and rape local women, as people of your status have in Sweden, then pack your bags and leave.

Please make note that on President Trump’s Facebook page, it declares that: “Just out report: ‘United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror.’ Not good, we must keep America safe!”

The Mainstream Media to the Rescue

When President Trump speaks, there is always an equal and opposite reaction to the truth he espouses. In this instance there was no difference as the purveyors of propaganda were quick to label Trump, again, for the “unparalleled racist” that he is and to claim that they have fact checked his statement of Muslim immigrants bringing increased criminality to Sweden and that Trump is unequivocably incorrect.

President Trump has long proclaimed that the media has consistently claimed that he and the Republicans are wrong and “Islamophobic” for saying that many cities in Europe have “No-Go Zones” where all non-Muslims are intimidated into not traveling ito because of the threat to their lives. It is not just Sweden, it is also Germany, France and Italy et al.

In reaction to the increasing violence spurred by immigrants, Sweden’s centrist Moderate Party proposed sending in the Swedish Army into several high-crime areas, in which the vast majority of the perpetrators are Muslims. The proposed intervention would center in Stockholm’s suburbs in order to restore order and to keep the citizens safe. In Sweden, it is not an exaggeration to claim that there is outright urban warfare currently going on.Moderate Party member Mikael Cederbratt“ It is absolutely necessary to do something, because these gangs are like cancerous tumours in our country, and it is urgent. My absolute belief is that we, the nation of Sweden, must declare war on criminal gangs.” In Sweden, most of the criminal element consists of immigrants from the the Middle East and North Africa. They live under the banner of Sharia Law and as a result they do not believe that there is a punishment too harsh for non-believers. It is not an exaggeration to state that these are the behaviors that President Trump is trying to prevent in America.

Don’t Confuse the Mainstream Media with the Facts

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