Monday, October 9, 2017
By Paul Martin

Country singer talks about importance of Second Amendment

Charlie Daniels
OCTOBER 9, 2017

I would like to preface this article by saying that if I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that giving up my guns would end the senseless violence in America, I would gladly throw them all in the Bermuda Triangle.

Conversely, it is my belief that for law-abiding citizens to give up their firearms would only increase the violence, as criminals and terrorists would know they had nothing to fear and use their illegally obtained guns to wreak havoc on a helpless population.

You may well say, “If all guns were outlawed they wouldn’t be able to get their hands on them”, but that is such a naive statement, that exploring it fully would be folly. If America can’t stop the flow of drugs and illegal aliens, why would you think we could stop what would be a most lucrative business of gun running?

If you want to see a microcosm of the America that it seems Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren want to bring about, look at Chicago, where the local gun laws are such that an ordinary citizen can’t even purchase a handgun to protect their families, while at the halfway point of the year 323 people have been murdered by thugs who own guns illegally.

People in this nation would be more willing to discuss some modification of the Second Amendment if we could trust our government. But the sad fact is that we can’t, and the ones who scream the loudest know as much about firearms and the meaningful limitations that could be implemented as a hog knows about an airplane.

“Imagine if he had had a silencer.”

And in their naivety and political fervor, they pass meaningless, cosmetic legislation, never addressing the root of the problem, which is actually not the guns, but the people who unlawfully obtain and use them to slaughter innocent people.

10,226 people were killed by drunk drivers last year and any thinking person knows that outlawing alcohol will not stop it. Many of these people have been arrested for DWI multiple times before they finally end up causing fatalities.

And yet they’re out there on the street, ticking time bombs, much the same as many of those involved in murders have been charged and convicted in other violent crimes, received light sentences and put back on the street again.

Over 59,000 people died from drug overdoses in 2016 and it doesn’t seem to upset those who scream for gun control every time there’s a shooting.

Around a million unborn babies die by the hands of abortionists every year and it doesn’t seem to bother the radical gun control crowd.

Which begs the question, is their concern about compassion or politics?

I opt for the latter, as I believe that the disarming of America is the globalists fondest dream.

Almost every nation that has ever been turned into a dictatorship or a police state is always disarmed first.
We’ve talked some politics, now let’s talk some common sense.

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