Survival 101: How to find effective cover in a mass shooting

Monday, October 2, 2017
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Monday, October 02, 2017

According to numerous media reports stemming from the Las Vegas mass shooting, concert-goers were blocked from fleeing and had little or no cover to protect them from the full-auto machine gun fire raining down on them.

In desperation, some sought cover in porta-potties, according to media reports. Yet porta-potties are thin fiberglass structures that don’t stop bullets at all.

Give that ISIS has now claimed responsibility for this mass shooting, according to Reuters, it’s apparent that America has been turned into a war zone by radical Islamic terrorists. Every American, no matter how innocent, might find themselves the target of a relentless massacre. Because of that sobering reality, everyone needs to understand the true definition of “cover” from full-auto machine gun fire.

To help share this information, I’ve put together a quick guide here that can help you seek cover if you happen to find yourself in a mass shooting event. This information can help save lives, so share it widely. I’m dividing the list into three types of cover: Excellent, Medium and Poor. This list applies to rifle rounds, not pistol rounds. Rifle rounds have significantly more energy and penetration, as explained below.

If you hear automatic gunfire, immediately seek cover, RUN for it, then duck and cover your head once you’re situated behind effective cover.

Excellent Cover

Concrete pillars
Concrete road dividers
Stone walls
Large tree trunks
Dirt or sand embankments (sand stops bullets very efficiency)
Craters in the ground (lay low in the crater, out of the view of the gunfire)
Heavy duty commercial trucks, tractors, dump trucks or construction equipment (get behind engine blocks or wheel hubs)

Medium Cover

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  1. Joe Bossadonus

    This is great info to know when you attend a music concert in the USA.


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