Dot Connecting the Planned Demise of America…(Make This Go Viral!)

Thursday, September 28, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 28th, 2017

Before this series is concluded, it will be clear that the UN will connect the dots between Hurricane Harvey and the presence of foreign troops on American soil, ostensibly under the control of the UN.

Many of these dots that are going to be connected have to do with ongoing beta tests. However, when the testing ends, the fun will begin.

Bizarre Events In Houston

I have spoken about the strange goings on in Houston both during and after Hurricaene Harvey. The sheer volume of emails I am receivin about the bizarre events in Houston are overwhelming in their number. Here is an example.

Dear Dave,

My name is Martha ____. I was evacuated during the early part of the hurricane by a helicopter. My neighbor and I were sent to a Walmart. I am grateful to Walmart for taking us in. However, we were flown what seemed like 50 miles and passed many places that we could have been safe. There were armed guards at the Walmart but there were no police. Nobody said we couldn’t leave but it was very clear that we could not have left if we wanted to leave. At frist we were told that we were going to be taken to a shelter. Some of the people actually did pack up and leave but not my group. The whole experience gave me the creeps. The weirdest thing we saw were the troops that were guarding us. Their uniforms did have any markings and some of the troops never spoke even when we would say hello. It was like they did not speak English. They did not walk like Americans, It was very weird. When we were told to leave, the soldiers were all gone and there were nothing but Red Cross workers who were not there at all during the 3 days we were at the Walmart…….

Here is a report which will reinforce the “creeps” that Martha and others felt when a CNN news report said that when the refugees were repatriated with their community, they would be living in a New World Order.

The Rest…HERE

2 Responses to “Dot Connecting the Planned Demise of America…(Make This Go Viral!)”

  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Create a new enlarged Confederate States for white Christians ONLY … or die. AmeriKa has BEEN hijacked. It’s over. The Titanic HAS sunk. We’re floating on a raft. There … 200 yards across the water … a big new beautiful fully stocked ship : The USS Confederate States, awaits us. As we paddle along towards it though … freaks to our LEFT will call us names that end in “ist.”

    What should we do ….

  2. Bobane

    It’s the demise of the ENTIRE PLANET.
    Dumbing down of the sheeple is world wide phenomenon.
    Schools are now the recreational playgrounds.
    The only difference is that the western world will be the first to “fall”.
    Just look at the lack of quality comments in public forums, most seem to be made by 9 year olds.
    The elites must be having a ball reading them.


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