NFL Players Have the Right to Kneel and Americans Have the Right to Boycott

Monday, September 25, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 25th, 2017

President Trump has stepped in it. It is the controversy that is coming to a head in which NFL players are refusing to stand at attention when the National Anthem is played. How disrespectful!

I recently recorded a video in which I detailed how the President is wrong, to call for punishment of NFL players who are kneeling during the Anthem. However, these players have the Constitutional right to do what they are doing. Many in my audience did not appreciate the position I took with regard to this most distasteful, yet legal protest by select NFL players. Here was my take on Trump’s controversial stand.

Trump may not recognize these players to do what they are doing and it is a 1st Amendment right. However, I agree with POTUS, Americans who are loyal to their country need to strike back and in this sense, I agree with the President.

Although dissent has to be available to all and these spoiled brat football players have the legal right to do what they are doing, and we need to allow these misguided people to do what they are doing. However, we have the right to boycott this anti-American league of enttiled football players in an attempt to dry up their revenue sources.

Here are other reasons to boycott the NFL as they are an organization only one notch below organized crime.

The NFL Price Gouges Every Vendor and Fan They Service

When my wife supervised concessions in the National Football League’s (NFL) 1997 Super Bowl, as the Arizona’s Operations Manager for McDonalds, the corporation was charged 30% of all profits by the NFL for the privilege of helping the NFL make money. The corporation lost a lot of money as did all the other participants in the NFL Experience and the Super Bowl, directly.

The NFL owners demand that citizens of various communities put up hundreds of millions of dollars to build monolithic stadiums at taxpayers expense.Amazingly, the NFL does not pay tax on its revenues!

Unbelievable: The NFL Is Tax Exempt

I know you are wondering if you read the preceding statement correctly? That is correct!

Did you know that the NFL made $9 billion dollars last year? Did you know that the NFL is a tax-exempt corporation and paid no tax on their $9 billion dollars of profit last season! What is wrong with this picture? Adding insult to injury, the NFL extorts money from every city that hosts the Super Bowl.

Hide Your Wallet When the Super Bowl Comes to Town

In the most recent string of NFL violations of the public trust, the NFL used local government to control pricing of hotel rooms in and around the University of Phoenix Stadium where the 2015 Super Bowl was played. Fortunately, for the people of the nearby area in Glendale, AZ., and their Mayor, Jerry Weiers, have told the NFL to go pound sand. Can you believe that the NFL thinks that they have the right to price fix local merchants and the prices that they would charge? Mark it down, on Super Bowl Sunday, the NFL becomes the economic dictators of the host city!

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  1. Strayhorse

    Billions of dollars have been “earned” by the pro-sports. Why does that warrant a tax-exempt status? FOUL! PENALTY! OUT OF BOUNDS! There needs to be a Congressional investigation, special prosecutor and a grand jury to investigate the money laundering going on under the guise of a non-profit. Similar to the Southern Poverty Law Center SPLC being a non-profit and squirreling away over $180 million in off shore accounts. WHAT! And they are a non-profit too taking millions in donations to label others as hate groups. WHAT! I can do that for free! Like the SPLC is a hate group. Pay me!


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