Our Enemy is Truly Evil – Dr. Dave Janda…” “I think a financial tsunami is about to hit our shores. The elite always try to give us a heads up before they flush the toilet while we serfs are still in the shower.”

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
By Paul Martin

Greg Hunter
September 20, 2017

Radio host, patriot and retired orthopedic surgeon Dr. Dave Janda is an outspoken critic of Obama Care. Dr. Janda says, “Obama Care is cancer–period. You can’t tweak cancer. You have to cut it out. You have to destroy it, and any plan that does not completely get rid of Obama Care, the patient is going to die–period. The patient is going to die.”

So, is the latest push by the Republicans going to fix Obama Care? Janda, who is an expert on health policy, says, “It’s going to make it a little better. You know when someone is serious when they start talking about reducing the control of government and the control of insurance companies when it come to the decision making process about care for each and every patient in our country.”

Janda says the health care issue is part of the control mechanism of the Globalists and New World Order (NOW). Janda explains, “They despise anyone who thinks, anyone that doesn’t slurp their soup that they hand out every morning to us, whether it be the lame stream fake media on TV or radio, the New York Times or the Washington Post. They despise anyone who thinks.”

Janda thinks the Globalists are Luciferian. They support human trafficking, especially in children. The NWO controls our politicians with dirty details involving abuse and molestation of children. Dr. Janda says, “Correct, and many people cannot get their head around this. They think it’s conspiracy theory. They think it’s paranoia. . . . While I was working on health care policy, I ended up meeting people in the intelligence agencies, the Pentagon, DEA, Secret Service and FBI. . . . I asked these folks what percentage of these elected people in the House of Representatives and in the Senate, federally, what percentage of them have control files that are just doing the bidding of the globalists? They essentially own the show. The standard answer I get is 99%.”

Janda thinks this is the weak spot for the Globalists and the NWO, and Janda contends, “I believe there is a concerted effort to take down the child abuse networks around our country and around the world. We just had a G-20 meeting a couple of months ago. The lame stream fake media didn’t report this, but thousands of arrests occurred right at the beginning of the G-20 meeting. In fact, some of the participants of the G-20 meeting were led out in handcuffs because of their involvement in human trafficking and child abuse issues.”

Dr. Janda brings up the human trafficking issue because of one simple reason. Dr. Janda says, “The reason why I bring this up is because each and every one of our listeners has to know who the enemy truly is. If we don’t identify who our enemy is and how evil they are, we will never be able to defeat them.”

On taking down President Trump by taking down the global economy, Janda says, “I think a financial tsunami is about to hit our shores. The elite always try to give us a heads up before they flush the toilet while we serfs are still in the shower.”

Dr. Janda says one tip was given recently by an expert on FOX News who said, “Someday people are going to wake up, and gold is going to be $3,000, $5,000, heck even $6,000 an ounce.”

Dr. Janda gives three other recent warning signs given by the mainstream media about gold prices that tip off a big financial disruption is drawing near.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Dave Janda of DaveJanda.com.

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