Monday, September 11, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Jack Mullen
09Sept2016 (updated 8/20/17)

September eleventh, two thousand & one, was a very strange day. Of course we are told, enemies, hostile to Americans, people hating our Freedoms, attacked various locations near the heart and control centers of American power, New York City and Washington, DC.

We were told hijackers acting in synchronicity, boarded state of the art airliners in several cities, carrying passports and box cutters (like a “shank” used in prison), quickly overwhelmed the cockpits of the various airliners and soon were at the controls – piloting mankind’s most sophisticated flying machines toward a nefarious destiny. We later learn these pilots had trained to fly the world’s most sophisticated jet airliners by obtaining a few hours of training in single engine, high winged, Cessna airplanes.

At the same time, unfortunately, airspace drills were in progress around the East coast; drills ironically, simulating airliners being hijacked by Terrorists. These drills made it difficult for air traffic controllers to respond fast enough to the dangers of the commandeered flights — leaving the world’s most advanced and technologically guarded nation blind to the deliberate acts of destruction that were to follow. On that fateful and strange day, the FAA was unable to ask for “escort service” from the National Military Command Center and like the rest of the day that too was strange.

The story goes that airliners were flown into two populated skyscrapers in New York City as well as the Pentagon in Washington DC, and the last crashing straight into the ground at “Shank”sville, Pennsylvania.

According to an article in the Associated Press, the government referred to the excessive number of military drills in progress as a “bizarre coincidence.” According to many researchers there were more than 40 coinciding drills in action on that very strange day.

Richard Ben-Veniste, Commissioner : Isn’t it a fact, Sir, that prior to September 11th, 2001, NORAD had already in the works, plans to simulate in an exercise, a simultaneous hijacking of two planes in the United States?

Maj. Gen. Craig McKinley : Col. Scott, do you have any data on that? I m not aware of that, Sir. I was not present at the time.

Richard Ben-Veniste,Commissioner: That was operation Amalgam Virgo.

Col. Alan Scott: Yes, Sir. Specifically, operation Amalgam Virgo, which I was involved in before I retired.

Col. Stephen N. Wood : By sheer coincidence we were scheduled to conduct Timely Alert II,’ a force protection exercise on Sept. 11 and because of that, some of the concrete barriers were already in place.

And Operation “Operation Northern Vigilance” in progress that day, conveniently, or should I say coincidently, sent jets patrolling the U.S. east coast to Alaska and Canada; how strange.

Operation “Vigilant Guardian,” a fourth drill in progress that strange morning, also simulated hijacked planes.

And lets not forget “Operation Vigilant Warrior,” in progress likely as “Vigilante Guardian’s” nemesis.

Regardless of the how Vigilant the military and NORAD may practice to become, they were conspicuously and coincidently very un-vigilant on that very strange day.

More strange, however, than the enormous numbers of drills in progress on that fateful day, was the coincidental collapse of the laws of physics and several laws of nature. Perhaps the Laws of Nature were too busy drilling a possible attack on the laws of physics and missed the opportunity to control the events of 9-11.

It was on that very strange day when three massive, modern, heavy and flying fast airliners purportedly slammed into two buildings, each constructed with over 650,000 tons of concrete and steel, each reinforced to sustain just such a collision and internally fortified with flame retardant steel coatings, and the third into the United States Pentagon Building, a concrete reinforced super fortress, and in each case not leaving a single trace of the airliners in view.

In the case of the of the Pentagon – it is the most surveilled building on the planet with likely more than 80 cameras filming the area during the attack, but only five frames of blurry video were made available, years later, to study the attack.

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