(CIA)Google, Facebook and Twitter now routinely violating the First Amendment to silence all non-conforming voices

Thursday, August 24, 2017
By Paul Martin

by: Jayson Veley
Thursday, August 24, 2017

Given the amount of political and ideological censorship that takes place on the Internet nowadays, one has to question whether or not companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter even take the time to consider the First Amendment before introducing new policies that restrict certain content. Do the top executives really take the time to sit down and make sure that all of their guidelines comply with the United States Constitution? Or do they simply say “to hell with the Constitution” and move forward with their plans, completely dismissing the fact that they are infringing upon the freedoms of their clientele.

Back in February, Twitter announced that it would be making changes to its platform in order to combat what it considered to be “abuse and harassment.” The changes included “stopping the creation of new abusive accounts, bringing forward safer search results, and collapsing potentially abusive or low-quality Tweets.”

What’s astonishing about Twitter’s announcement from earlier this year is that the company actually claimed that by implementing these new restrictive policies, they were actually standing for free speech, not against it. “We stand for freedom of expression and people being able to see all sides of any topic,” Twitter said at the time in a blog post update. “That’s put in jeopardy when abuse and harassment stifle and silence those voices. We won’t tolerate it and we’re launching new efforts to stop it.”

So in other words, Twitter is standing up for the freedom of speech by squandering the freedom of speech. Does this make sense to anyone? Furthermore, the problem with Internet-based companies that announce plans to combat “hate speech” and “fake news” is that most of the time these terms are never defined. What is stopping some radical left wing employee at Twitter from scrolling through their platform and censoring pro-Trump tweets, using the excuse that they perpetuate “hate speech?” What if another employee at Twitter believes that the Affordable Care Act was the greatest thing since sliced bread, and labels all criticism of the ACA as “fake news?” Clearly, the potential for abuse is just too significant to ignore.

But Twitter is not the only social media network that has been engaged in an all out assault on the First Amendment lately. Last year, Fox News reported on how several unnamed former Facebook contractors told the tech site Gizmodo.com that Facebook routinely modifies its algorithms and formulas to intentionally suppress conservative news. According to Gizmodo, Facebook “routinely suppressed news stories of interest to conservative readers,” and some former Facebook employees even admitted that they were told to “inject” specific topics into the trending list, regardless of whether or not they were relevant or significant.

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