Half-Prepping Equals NO Prepping: The Good Guys Are Not Coming To Save Us!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017
By Paul Martin

August 22, 2017

I have lived in nearly every region of this country, from the West to the South, to the urban sprawl of the Northeast, and the solitude of the Rocky Mountains. I have seen endless droughts and 120 F heat, numerous hurricanes, and even a winter storm which dropped four feet of snow on my front lawn in one night! Through all this, it never ceases to amaze me how unbelievably inept the average person is when it comes to the simplest measures of survival. I have seen the long lines for gasoline, the fist fights over childish matters, the rushes for bottled water, people without any means to cook without electricity, morons who bought generators the night before a storm but no fuel because they assumed the gas stations would remain open. And, of course, the strange ritual of panicked citizens snatching up armfuls of eggs, milk, and bread (but no canned goods), right before a natural disaster (do perishables make people “feel safer” during a crisis? I have never understood this…)

In Montana, where I reside now, we see tenfold the snow and ice conditions seen in the storms that recently hit the South almost every week, yet there is no panic, no fights over supplies, no crisis. Why is there no crisis? Because the people here learned to PREPARE for such conditions long ago. It is simply a way of life for them to stock up for the winter. There is no such thing as a crisis for those who are prepared, so why not choose to be prepared?

The vast majority of yuppies and the ever present welfare army in Atlanta (yes, I am personally familiar with the horrible social stagnation in that crappy town) live on the assumption that tomorrow will bring no surprises. And, sadly, from my own observations, this is a problem across the nation, especially in major population centers. If the preparedness movement could convince 5%-10% of the nation to actually stock supplies in advance, it would be a freaking miracle. This really should be the ultimate goal of the liberty movement at this point and time. Convince two people you know to buy at least 6 months worth of necessary goods. Think of it this way – those are two fewer people we will all have to deal with when the SHTF, and that may be as good as it gets…

As a survivor of the Icepocalypse that gripped much of the South back in 2014, in crippling power outages and freezing temperatures, I learn at least three lessons can be deduced from the experience.

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