Never Forget: The Nukes N. Korea is Threatening to Use on America CAME FROM AMERICA

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
By Paul Martin

As the US beats the war drums to attack North Korea, most Americans have no idea the US is responsible for the dictatorship’s nuclear arsenal.

By Matt Agorist
August 9, 2017

For more than a decade, North Korea has been unsuccessfully attempting to prove its military might to the world through a series of failed missile launches, nuclear proliferation, and threats to anyone who attempts to come near their border. And for more than half a century, the US has enabled and funded it. If North Korea does ever launch a nuke, it will be because the US government put it in their hands.

In spite of threatening nuclear war on the world, however, most countries have never acted on their threats. However, the Trump administration appears to want to change that.

“North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States,” Trump said at an event at his Bedminster, N.J., golf club on Tuesday. “They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” The president then repeated that North Korea “will be met with the fire and fury and, frankly, power, the likes of which this world has never seen before” if it continued with this behavior.

Almost immediately after Trump drew this proverbial line in the sand, North Korea crossed it. The insane dictatorship that is Kim Jong-un’s regime, said late on Tuesday that it may strike Guam.

Just hours before Trump threatened fire and fury, one of his top advisors, Sevastian Gorka downplayed the North Korean threat calling it “blackmail.”

“This is blatant blackmail,” he said. “Blackmail of the western community. We don’t give in to blackmail.” He added that North Korean tough talk was mostly “bluster.”

“We would like people to understand, this is a Lilliputian flea,” Gorka argued. “North Korea is a Stalinist regime, but it can’t even feed its own people.”

In fact, the only thing that makes North Korea a threat is their nuclear capability — made possible by the Clinton and Bush administrations.

These two administrations played key roles in helping the late Kim Jong-Il develop North Korea’s nuclear prowess from the mid 1990’s onwards.

Former US Secretary of Defense, Donald Rumsfeld was on the board of technology giant ABB when it won a deal to supply North Korea with two nuclear power plants.

According to the 2003 report from SWI, the Swiss-based ABB told swissinfo that Rumsfeld was involved with the company in early 2000, when it netted a $200 million (SFr270million) contract with Pyongyang.

The ABB contract was to deliver equipment and services for two nuclear power stations at Kumho, on North Korea’s east coast.

However, Rumsfeld was simply taking the baton from the Clinton administration, who, in 1994, agreed to begin replacing North Korea’s domestically built nuclear reactors with light water reactors.

Henry Sokolski, head of the Non-proliferation Policy Education Center in Washington, noted at the time that “LWRs could be used to produce dozens of bombs’ worth of weapons-grade plutonium in both North Korea and Iran. This is true of all LWRs — a depressing fact U.S. policymakers have managed to block out.”

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One Response to “Never Forget: The Nukes N. Korea is Threatening to Use on America CAME FROM AMERICA”

  1. LJG

    No, the nuclear weapons that North Korea has DID NOT come from America. The North Koreans gained nuclear weapons technology from the Pakistani military which obtained the knowledge and working weapons from the Chinese as a deterrent against India. The missile technology is a mix of indigenous work, old Soviet sea launched missiles that were bought as scrap, and at various times Chinese and Russian assistance. We have followed this progression over the years as we have recovered missile parts from the sea after their test launches. We also have some of their missile payloads, but they were test payloads and not weapons.
    Nuclear reactors are not the problem here, although allowing the North Koreans access to any nuclear systems of any type was stupid. The problem is that no one has been willing to do what has been needed to be done, which is the destruction of North Korea. Everyone has just kicked the problem down the road until now, but the end of the road has been reached and now something must be done. Too bad that by delaying the inevitable, we have just killed a huge amount of people that did not need to die.


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