The UNITED States Is On the Verge of Extinction

Sunday, August 6, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
August 6th, 2017

America is being torn apart. The nation is disintegrating into self-serving regionalism. Presently in America, there is a globalist inspired effort to destroy the United States from within.

Nixon’s 10 FEMA Regions

In the modern era, the breakup of the United States first appeared in Richard Nixon’s division of America into 10 FEMA Regions. This is becoming a rough draft model for the planned break-up of the United States.

Forty eight hours ago, I made the following video which demonstrated how over 20% of the country is close to breaking away from the Federal government.

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One Response to “The UNITED States Is On the Verge of Extinction”

  1. Marcin Groszek

    Open letter to Dave Hodges:

    I will restrain my self from calling you names. It is obvious that fear porn
    works for you and sells ads.
    But, for real; todays titles : “ China Is Using North Korea As an Instrument
    to Start WW III”
    Where the truth is 180 degree from your title
    Read a bit before jumping to such outrages conclusions.
    , or
    “ The UNITED States Is On the Verge of Extinction”
    it must be because 45% of us are already dead and next 45% will die in next
    week or two …..

    You are titling your articles like obama administration titled its executive
    orders and laws.
    Affordable health care.
    Firearm Owners Protection Act

    I have stayed away from your site and your articles posted by Paul on
    revolution radio for long time now, and it is shameful what you are writing.
    It is 95% BS.

    No wonder facebook, tweeter and all other social media are filtering fake
    news. You are part of the problem, not only mainstream media, as you would
    want us to believe.

    Best Regards:
    Marcin Groszek


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