Sweltering temperatures in Phoenix reach record-breaking 117F as heat death toll climbs to 60

Saturday, July 8, 2017
By Paul Martin

Phoenix broke a 112-year record for heat when temperatures reached 117F Friday
Previously the mark was set at 115F for July 7 and has held the spot since 1905
The Phoenix metro area has seen record-breaking temperatures since June
Temperatures of 120F have made cacti, mailboxes and trash bins melt
Phoenix-area officials are now investigating 60 heat-related deaths

8 July 2017

Phoenix broke a 112-year record for heat on Friday.

Meteorologists for the National Weather Service said the Arizona city had a high of 117 degrees Fahrenheit, breaking the previous mark for July 7 at 115 degrees.

Although experts expect for the weather to cool down thanks to an approaching monsoon, temperatures will still be in the 100 degree range for the next few days.

Phoenix has been seeing blistering temperatures since June, with cacti, mailboxes and trash bins all melting in 120F heat.

As temperatures continue to soar, so does the heat-related death count, with officials investigating more than 60 deaths.

Phoenix has seen record-breaking temperatures for the past month and meteorologists said the normal high temperature for July 7 in Phoenix is 107 degrees.

In late June, a sweltering record-breaking temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit caused fire crews to handle a surge of heat emergencies.

The city had to open 47 cooling centers and 50 flights were canceled at Sky Harbor Airport because it was too hot to fly.

When temperatures rise above 110 degrees, the body can not cool itself down, which may result in a death stroke.

People took to social media to post photos and videos of how ridiculously hot out it was.

Trash bins were melting in the middle of the street, cacti were wilting and an once sturdy mailbox was nearly in a puddle. Some even cooked meat and eggs in the extreme heat.

So far this year, the temperature at the local Sky Harbor Airport has reached at least 110 degrees 17 times.

The heatwave caused several flights to be canceled to and from the region during the week of June 20.

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