Economic Collapse and WW III Are the Goals- Russia and US Are Being Mutually Provoked by Cyber Attacks…(Deep Into Page 2…)

Monday, May 15, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
May 14th, 2017

After going through the available evidence on the recent wave of so-called wannacry cyber attacks, it is fairly easy to make to some safe assumptions. First, this is a very sophisticated group carrying out these attacks the capabilities are beyond the type of hackers being described in the MSM. Further, the mere fact that Google was ransomed for over $30,000 is laughable.

This is an establishment operation. I strongly believe that Russia is primed to blame the US and the other way around. So, if this escalates war tensions between the 2 rival nations, and inches the 2 giants closer to war, all the better. The following video explores this idea. However, there appears to be a more general objective as well, since the attacks have spread to 99 other nations. Another wave of these attacks could sink the economies of every nation if retail, food and oil distribution are impacted. Once the nations of the world are collapsed, they will be forced to attack neighbors and fellow allies in a rush for scarce resources and the world could be plunged into war.

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