JetBlue kick family off plane in confrontation over their mom’s birthday cake after it is ‘deemed a SECURITY RISK’ on flight to Las Vegas to celebrate her 40th

Sunday, May 14, 2017
By Paul Martin

Family was kicked off JetBlue flight after ‘improperly storing’ their birthday cake
Cameron and Minta Burke, and their two children, from New Jersey, were flying to Las Vegas on May 3 to celebrate Minta’s 40th birthday
They brought onto the plane a buttercream birthday cake
The Burkes were asked by a flight attendant to move the cake to an overhead bin, then to another bin and finally to the floor
Another flight attendant came over and confronted the family
Two Port Authority officers were called to remove the Burkes but deemed there was ‘no wrongdoing’ on their part
The family was still forced to exit the plane but had their tickets refunded
Cameron Burke says he intends to bring a lawsuit against the airline

14 May 2017

A family claim they were kicked off a JetBlue plane because the birthday cake was deemed a ‘security risk’.

Cameron Burke, his wife and two children were flying to Las Vegas from JFK on May 3 to celebrate his wife’s 40th birthday – and they brought a buttercream cake with them.

But after they say they received conflicting advice about where they could store it a disagreement developed and they were ordered off the flight.

The airline claims the family stored it in areas that were ‘improper’ – an overhead bin for safety equipment – and refused to move it. But the family say they followed all the cabin crew’s instructions.

Even after Port Authority officers called to the scene deemed ‘no wrongdoing’ on the part of the family, as see in a video obtained by ABC 7 NY, airline staff nonetheless forced them to exit the plane.

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