From The Editor: No, I’m Dead!…3 Thank You’s!

Friday, May 12, 2017
By Paul Martin

Hi Troops!

Sorry, been away from the desk yesterday and today.

As always, got bills to pay.

Worked a day job, got home in time to get ready for my night job.

Today my daughter graduated from college! Busy Day!

Have a graduation party tomorrow from 1-4.

Henry MS $30

Roger NC $30

Ardis USA $10

Thank You Guys So Much!!!!

The 2 $30 donations, I’ll ship your hats Monday!

“Just Say No To Government” Coffee Cups just arrived!

8 Hats Left! Will Be Ordering More Next Week.

Get A Hat! Get A Coffee Cup!

Would rather be here with the readers…

But, like I said, got bills just like y’all.

Just A $5 Or A $10 Helps!

Don’t Use PayPal?

E-mail Me At!

Thanks You Guys!!!

Off To My Night Job…

Old Marine Out…

God Bless Y’all


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