On-Duty Cop Rapes, Beats, Urinates on Woman, Pleads Guilty — NO JAIL

Monday, May 8, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Matt Agorist
May 8, 2017

Johnson County, AR — Former deputy Robert Retford, with the Johnson County Sheriff’s Department was arrested last November on charges of sexual assault. His alleged victim was apparently seeking help from the deputy when she said he beat her, raped her and defecated on her, and made her drink his urine. This month, Retford pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting the woman and will not spend a single day in jail.

The blue privilege plea deal was negotiated last week and for admitting to the heinous crimes against his victim, he was only sentenced to six months probation — no jail.

The local news outlet stated they do not give out the names of alleged victims. However, this case was different. According to 40/29 News, in this case, the woman asked to be identified and wants everyone to know what she says the deputy did to her.

In their report on the incident, 40/29 referred to the victim as Shanna.

“This man raped me,” Shanna said.

In September 2016, police responded to a domestic dispute between Shanna and her boyfriend. According to Shanna, Retford offered to take her away from the situation, so she got in his car with him. Shanna told investigators that while the couple was in the car, Retford began fondling her crotch and then made her touch his crotch.

Despite the crotch touching in the car, Shanna said she was brought to a hotel in Clarksville that evening and dropped off by Retford who did not stay there. Instead, Retford gave the stranded and allegedly recently sexually assaulted victim his card and told her to call him in the morning.

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