Grandma With Terminal Cancer Jailed for LEGAL THC in Her Blood, Forced to Miss Chemo

Friday, May 5, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Matt Agorist
May 4, 2017

Wichita, KS — Angela Kastner has colorectal cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy to treat it. However, because the state is hell bent on targeting people for putting THC in their bodies, Kastner is missing her much needed chemo treatment after she was locked in a cage by Sedgwick County deputies.

Apparently, these cops felt that throwing the grandmother with terminal cancer in a state-sponsored jail cell would somehow serve society. After all, she did have THC, the dangerous psychoactive component of cannabis, in her system.

However, had these cops bothered to read any research on the subject, they should’ve let her go on her way with an apology. But that’s not what happened. Instead, police are taught to fear THC. They are fed bogus stats claiming that it is a gateway drug. They also dangerously believe that having THC in your blood somehow means you are impaired. And, especially in Kansas, cops love to kidnap, cage, or even kill you over this highly beneficial plant.

To show just how criminally uninformed the deputies were who arrested and jailed Mrs. Kastner, she hadn’t broken any law — even in Kansas — as she was prescribed the FDA-approved and entirely legal, synthetic version of THC.

“I had … Marinol in my system that the doctors in Oklahoma gave me to fight cancer. I’ve been fighting cancer 5 years,” Kastner said.

That’s right. Kastner is taking Marinol to fend off nausea and help her have an appetite, just like millions of other cancer patients across the country.

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