Is the UN Preparing for Mass Casualty Event On US Soil?…(Deep Into Page 2…PLEASE Help Support RevolutionRadio!)

Wednesday, April 26, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
April 26th, 2017

Russian Insider is reporting that Korea is one giant distraction. The real action is on the other side of the world.

I wrote an article yeasterday that contended that the real action for any potential conflict will begin in Syria. I may now have to make an adjustment to my thinking. There is a pattern that is emerging from a combination of sightings and reports that is suggestive of the fact that a mass casualty event is coming to America and somebody has advanced knowledge and preparations are being as I write these words.

First, and as a disclaimer, let me say that Operation Gotham is a nonevent. Nothing is going to happen. The real action, I believe is in the following:

UN Sighting In Pennsylvania Near the Delaware River

As you will see from the following email, there was no way that this couple could take photos given their circumstances at the time of their sighting of UN forces on US soil:

Dear Dave,

We listen to your radio show every Sunday and visit your podcasts often. We both appreciate what you do for America.

Earlier today at about 1pm EDT, we were walking on a path as we sometimes do about 6 miles from the Delaware R not too far from Morrisville. We came over a slight rise and saw 3 white tanks with UN markings sitting in a straight line and they were not moving. There were well dressed men outside the tanks in what my husband said were military police outfits. These men on the ground were wearing UN blue helmets. My husband said were were within about 200 yeards I cannot describe the fear and surprise. Almost immediately we were approached by two jeeps with a machine guns on them. We were told to stop and that this was now a restricted area. We were asked how we got past the previous security. We did not see any security we told them. They made us get into one of the jeeps and we were driven back to our car. My hubands thinks that these men were military contractors and not regualr military. I was scared out of my mind. The men were in umarked jeeps and uniforms that I did not recognize. There were neither UN or US as far as we could tell. My husband is fomer Air Force and said this was the strangest collection of military personnel he had ever seen.

Please do not use our names. They did not check our names or identification but they did see our car……..

The size of this event is much larger that it appears.My colleague, Paul Martin, is a former Marine tank commander. He told me that there are 6 support personnel for every person in a tank or helicopter.

More From the Delaware River Area Involving UN Attack Helicopters

I received this email on April 25, 2017 at 445 pm Pacific:

Good afternoon Dave,
I sent you a few sightings of UN/military in the air around my area (east coast). I just spotted another one (attached video) and this is a reference pic of what I saw. Identical colors, not sure maybe the Gov/Feds according to the colors. I know they are doing a drill this week, but I have been seeing them way before that started. I even thought ok, all the previous sightings were (practice for the drill), but then I started looking for a common denominator, why I am seeing all this activity, so low to the ground, like the are mapping it out or something in my immediate area. I pulled a map up and started focusing on the flight path they all seem to be doing, north to south. Then it hme….the Delaware River. Whatever they are up to, I’ll bet you that river has something to do with it…

The Rest…HERE

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  1. eyes open

    I Dont know if this is a piece of the puzzle are not. But I was search and rescue for our county. In December our OEM decided we were now all hazards team. So few of us started to get our needed FEMA certificates. NIMS.
    Well we got our crew in line as operations section chief and planning section chief so on and so forth.
    Suddenly Monday afternoon we received a mass text that the team was disbanded. Mist if us were anger due to the time and effort to get trained SAR tech 2 and other things. So I decided to call and ask why. Iv known her for two years what she said was she was to busy to keep up. Well those where the words but the tone was fear and stress. As I said I Dont know if peice if the puzzle but with the hundreds of hours we put into this why suddenly kill the team?
    This is west central Arkansas by the way
    Thanks for the hard work and intel

  2. Thanks, Eyes Open!



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