Russia Turns On Trump, Blames Him For Relations That Are “Worse Than The Cold War”

Friday, March 31, 2017
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden
Mar 31, 2017

While few predicted the stock market surge should Trump get elected, virtually everyone anticipated a thawing of relations between Russia and the US if Donald Trump were to occupy the White House. And yet, 5 months later, the opposite has happened: stocks are just shy of the record 2,400 while relations between the Kremlin and the White House, despite all the rhetoric of Trump being an extended KGB agent or whatever the NYT/WaPo unsubstantiated narrative of the day is, have remained abysmal with no hope of improvement in sight.

As much was confirmed by Putin’s spokesman Vladimir Peskov today, who said on Friday that the relationship between the U.S. and Russia may worse now than it was during the Cold War.

When asked by “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopoulos if the U.S. and Russia were in a “new Cold War,” Peskov said the current situation may be worse, blaming the US for disintegrating the cooperation between the two countries.

But what will come a shock to the new generation of McCarthyist witch hunters, who see a Russian spy behind every criticism of US policy, or economic data, or of course democrats, Peskov blamed none other than the “present presidential administration”

“New Cold War? Well, maybe even worse. Maybe even worse taking into account actions of the present presidential administration in Washington,” Peskov told Stephanopoulos.

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7 Responses to “Russia Turns On Trump, Blames Him For Relations That Are “Worse Than The Cold War””


  2. Eileen

    Unfortunately, Donald J. Trump’s under constant pressure by attacks from warmongers on both sides of the aisle. His first 100 days aren’t yet up, so we need to be patient with him for a little more.
    The story that Russia’s turned on him is fake news. Trump’s due to meet with Vladimir Putin in Iceland and in Moscow soon, Helen; so, I ask that you wait until after his meetings with Putin before criticizing him. Yes, he made some bad decisions regarding his Cabinet picks .. especially, for Secretary of Defense. His best pick was that of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General.
    The tensions between the US and Russia actually worsened under Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, and there are still enough of his leftovers in the USG .. especially, in the Intelligence Community and the Pentagon, that sorely need to be swept out.

  3. Joe

    My biggest concern is not the issues with Russia but rather the aching feeling I have. My gut tells me something very big happened to Mr Trump. His campaign was a wonderful thing with promises that sat so well with activists and people simply fed up with the Fed. Mr Trump seemed to be the one to “drain the swamp.”

    He has been responsible now for the continuation of drone murders, 400% increase in missions. His not recognizing the Palestinians under genocide by Israel. His taunting North Korea. His being OK with illegal asset forfiture by the police. His turn around on NAFTA. All very sad to see.

    He is either a liar like all the rest. Or he recieved the equivilent of “the talk” by taking him in the basement to see the real film of JFK’s murder.

  4. Taylor

    @ Joe

    No doubt about it, Trump is absolutely controlled.

  5. theONEwhoCARRIESlight

    With your extended understanding that this man said he has to “drain the swamp”; he was well aware that he was going to have the decked stacked against him. Please know that this man, this human being that is flawed no less/no more than anyone else has undertaken a huge task after overcoming. He was not supposed to be the a serious contender, certainly not the Republican nominee and the president.. well, that was totally out of the question. What’s more is that not being establishment, he had not only democrat news outlets but republican news outlets trashing him and they still do to this very moment. The saying that “you can’t fight city hall(and win)” was obliterated when one man took on the Global Elite Empire… AND WON! DO NOT BE SIDE TRACKED, DO NOT LET FALSE CLAIMS, HERE-SAY OR ALLEGATIONS SWAY YOU FROM SUPPORTING A MAN TRYING TO FIX OVER HALF A CENTURY OF PLANNED RUIN IN EFFORTS TO SET UP A GLOBAL(ONE WORLD)GOVERNMENT. THIS MAN PAID HIS OWN WAY ALL THE WAY THROUGH. WITH PEOPLE TRYING TO DESTROY HIS CHARACTER, HIS FAMILY HIS LIFE. HE BELIEVES IN A CAUSE GREATER THAN HIMSELF. HE IS NOT PERFECT(AS HE IS HUMAN)BUT HE IS WHAT WE NEED,..RIGHT NOW! WE NEED A LION, SOMEONE THAT NOT AFRAID TO STAND STRONG AND SPEAK WITH FIRE TO RIGHT THE WRONGS(AS THERE ARE MANY, AND WAY OUT OF CONTROL). BARRACK H. OBAMA WAS GIVEN 8 YEARS AND ANYONE WHO QUESTIONED HIM WAS A RACIST OR TIN FOIL HAT CONSPIRACY THEORIST. HE ACCOMPLISHED NOTHING!THIS MAN HAS BEEN IN OFFICE 2 MONTHS AND ALREADY ACCOMPLISHING THINGS AGAINST THE ODDS AND WITH THE MEDIA OUTLETS(WHO ARE OWNED BY GLOBAL ELITES) STILL ATTACKING HIM MAKES IT HARD TO ACTUALLY SEE WHAT HE IS DOING AS THEY TRY TO SCREAM OVER THE PITCH OF HIS ACCOMPLISHMENTS.

  6. brian

    The simplest explanation is usually the right one. Trump is a liar and America is the sucker again. Remember “hope and change”. No different than “make america great again” only this time a spoiled brat with zero class is huckster.

  7. theONEwhoCARRIESlight

    The last time a black guy that set the stage for “you’re a racist if you disagree with him destroying America!”right, Bryan???


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