Islamic Terrorism Strikes in London; America is Next…Again

Saturday, March 25, 2017
By Paul Martin

MARCH 24, 2017

By Frosty Wooldridge

In London, England this week, Islamic terrorist Khalid Masood drove a vehicle over 29 people with four dying and the rest hanging on for dear life. Married with three children, Masood carried out ISIS Islamic terror directives to “use your car to run down infidels or stab them with a knife.”

Whether it’s this current atrocity or running infidels down at Ohio State University and stabbing victims with a knife or stabbing people at a White Cloud, Minnesota—Muslim terrorists operate in Western countries because Western leaders lack the common sense or courage to deport all Muslims. Instead, the elite continue importing them by the tens of of thousands, annually.

Not only does it invite an invasion by a hostile Muslim force, it facilitates Islamic jihad at every juncture. Even as the latest terror attack commenced in London, Prime Minister Theresa May allowed 450 Islamic British citizens to go fight with ISIS and then, welcomed them back. As reported by this British man in the streets, over 3,000 Islamic terrorists remain on police dockets in London, but police cannot arrest them until they kill someone.

You will never hear this story in the mainstream media. CNN, NBC, CBS and ABC or BBC cannot allow the truth to escape to common citizens:

That British guy spelled it out. The elites invite more terrorists into the United Kingdom because those elites never deal with the Muslim slums, rapes, killings, no-go zones, Sharia patrols, FGM, honor killings or gay killings. But they go on daily in the 2.5 million strong British Muslim throng.

Ironically, the Muslim London Mayor Sadiq Khan said, “This attack is part and parcel of living in a big city.” As if Western countries must accept Muslim violence as a daily norm because that’s been the norm in Muslim countries for centuries.

In contrast here in America, when the president of the United States attempts to protect the American people, federal judges of the 9th Circuit Court in Washington and Hawaii—belay Trump’s executive orders. Ultimately, Trump will prevail in the courts, but in the meantime, any number of Muslim terrorists may kill any number of U.S. citizens.

All the while, Syrian Muslims, loaded with jihadists, continue flooding into America at the hands of the Lutheran Church, Catholic Charities and other outfits living off the immigration scamming system.

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  1. Strayhorse

    Islamic terrorism will be met with over 100 million armed American citizens with a right and duty to defend their homeland from “foreign and domestic” enemies. We care not your beliefs, faiths, religion or opinions, if you attempt to terrorize Americans You Will Be Dispatched To YOUR Maker!


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