Googles Army Of Content Flaggers – Militarized Police – Mystery Virus – Flu (Video)

Friday, March 17, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Full Spectrum Survival
March 17, 2017

Google has an army of 10,000 or more private contractors with a sole purpose of flagging what they have set out to be offensive or inappropriate content. When does alternative information become offensive due to the graphic nature of the truth, when will the truth become inappropriate because it incites discontent over the facts? These are dangerous times for the freedom of information.

Are militarized police task forces becoming the normal? Will the police of tomorrow rush through the streets in even further armored tanks?

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  1. Robert Edward Lee

    PS : 5. Read the entire epic – The Dark Tower – by Stephen King. When you get to the part about the very dweebs of that society helping the enemy chip away at what holds everything up and you ask, “why would they do it to themselves ?” …think of this army of useful idiots chipping away at what make THEM free and able to prosper … for the 0.001 % !!!!!!

    See : Leagueofthesouth and Vdare


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