Chinese-Russian 7 Pronged Attack Plan to Conquer America

Thursday, March 16, 2017
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
March 16th, 2017

Since I first reported on leaked information that American military leaders were expecting an attack from seven different areas/sources, more information has come to light. First, elements of the following scenarios have been repetitively practiced at the Naval War College. In each instance, America loses, badly. Here is an update on newly acquired information which has added to our understanding of what is coming and our military leaders know it as many of them provided information to me with regard to a combination Russian and Chinese attack upon our country. And as I wrote about yesterday, previous Russian defectors have warned of this possibility.

The Attack

When these forces attack the United States, the attack will come as the result of a seven-pronged strategy and it will involve multiple allies.

What I have learned is that the Naval War College has practiced each one of these scenarios, multiple times, since I first reported on these scenarios. In every case, America becomes Amerika. In other words, surrender is the only option in order to avoid complete annihilation. Here are the seven different fronts from which Russia and her allies will launch an all out attack, which will make use of limited EMP attacks and tactical nuclear weapons.

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  1. Robert Edward Lee

    Here’s an attack that’s more likely to happen sooner :

    Here’s an article explaining ( to those dopes that need an explanation, ) why re booting The Confederate States make sense :

    Now … for those “WUSSES” …. who haven’t been using their platforms, ( to him who much has been given much is expected, ) to present, or allow a guest to present, a SOLUTION ( re-booting the south, ) WHEN the rag head attacks hit our churches and schools, ( by turd world false religion practicing, going to hell when they die flunkies, ) they, in a way, will have blood on their hands !!!? See ?

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    With this in mind how are we to save “what’s left of the REAL America ? Answer : Create an enlarged 15 state version of The Confederate States Of America.

    See : Leagueofthesouth and Vdare.

    Bye now … “WUSSES.” 🙂


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