“Russian Hacking” END-GAME: Will Obama Ask Supreme Court to SUSPEND TRUMP INAUGURATION!?!

Monday, January 16, 2017
By Paul Martin

January 16, 2017

Why scream about Russian hacking if they do not have a PLAN?
By Marshall Swing:

It is less than 5 days until the scheduled Presidential inauguration of Donald Trump!

Donald Trump appears to give more hope to regular people than any President in many decades as time and time again we see him proposing to change Globalist standards that have been “set in stone” in the business of the United States for well more than 100 years, at home and abroad.

America, for sure, has enjoyed much bounty in Globalization as she has run up 20 TRILLION in debt that cannot be paid off and at the expense of other countries who have to work for a living. In the process of running up all this debt, we see the rich get far richer, the poor get far poorer, the middle class loses its foundation, and everyone everywhere shoulders the massive debt accumulated as it forces its fiat self upon all nations, all people, all institutions, and pretty much everything else in sight.

Can Trump change things for America?

How will the world view America if Trump is successful in taxing other countries imports and slashing trade deficit by calling home companies?

Would their inclination be, say, “enough is enough”, gang up on America and force her into exile and only trade with her in tangible assets like gold and silver and not fiat money which she creates at whim?

We may never know but I will tell you for sure the Elite Globalist’s do know that future and they are against it.

We see this in Davos at the WEF: https://www.yahoo.com/news/chinese-leader-meets-davos-elite-voters-revolt-054655251.html

“China’s president will preach the advent of a new world order in Davos next week before the high priests of globalisation, who are facing an uprising from voters against their orthodoxy of open markets and borders.

In that context, it is noteworthy that Xi Jinping will become the first Chinese president to attend the forum when he gives a keynote speech on Tuesday that is expected to extol Beijing’s efforts to negotiate new types of regional trade deals shorn of US influence.”

The Global Elite are not happy with China’s regionalism with the BRICS.

In the 2 months after the election, we have seen a steady stream of questionable events from “Green Party” recounts, to Russian hacking accusations, to supposedly Trump colluding with the Russians. It has been a crescendo from start until now and GETTING LOUDER by the day:

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