Atlantic Ocean ‘Collapse’: Mini Ice Age To Hit US & Europe

Sunday, January 8, 2017
By Paul Martin

by Edmondo Burr
January 8, 2017

The Atlantic Ocean current is weakening and is on the verge of collapse, raising fears that huge parts of the North Atlantic and surrounding areas could soon become exposed to unbearably cold temperatures.

USA, Britain and Europe will experience sub-zero freezing temperatures if the current continues to weaken.

A new study using a bias-corrected model points to the weakening of the Atlantic current, indicating that it is on the verge of shutting down due to global warming.

A future collapse could see wintertime temperatures plummet by an estimated 7 degrees Celsius or more.

In the 2004 disaster film “The Day After Tomorrow,” global warming leads to the failure of an enormous current in the Atlantic Ocean, triggering catastrophic natural disasters and establishing freezing conditions in North America and Europe over a matter of weeks.

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One Response to “Atlantic Ocean ‘Collapse’: Mini Ice Age To Hit US & Europe”

  1. manny

    Please read the article clear thru. There is NO MENTION of the origin of the failure of the “Gulf Stream” and that is the ‘blow out’ of the well head in the Gulf of Mexico. It matters not if it was accidental or intentional. The reality is that the deep water well is still contaminating the Gulf of Mexico and the introduction of the oil into the Gulf Stream is damaging the climate. Corexit is still being used to push the oil to the bottom of the Gulf so that the continuing contamination is not observed. The fishery is decimated.

    More important is that the thugs that are responsible for this collapse most probably did this on purpose. The WHY is quite obvious. The European continent is without its own supply of winter fuel. There is an on-going fight for the rights to supply Europe with natural gas. One line would come from Iraq up to the eastern part of Europe for distribution, the other would come across Ukraine for distribution. Whomever gets the final say on supply IS THE WINNER big time.

    We are being led down the path. Climate change is occurring, but mostly it is intentional and for what??? Control of the dollar. Get ready folks, when the Gulf Stream really stops, the east coast of the U.S. is gonna be a Refridgerator and those people living there will either be 100% dependent on fossil fuels…or dead. DO NOT… AND I MEAN DO NOT expect this reply to cover all the possibilities of the failure of the Gulf Stream. Do the research and see where this is going.

    We in New Mexico are already experiencing radical weather. Do I think its due to the failure of the Gulf Stream??? Still checking.


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