UK TERROR WARNING: ISIS plots ‘chemical DRONE BLITZ capable of hitting ANY city in Europe’

Tuesday, January 3, 2017
By Paul Martin

DRONES armed with chemical weapons could be used by Islamic State (ISIS) extremists in a terror attack on any major European city, intelligence officers have warned.

Tue, Jan 3, 2017

Security chiefs fear such an attack would spark pandemonium and admit it could prove extremely difficult to prevent.

The ISIS chemical weapons drone scenario is only theoretical at this stage but this new nightmare for European security services is based on real data and specific investigations.

The possibility was raised by French intelligence services after they finished analysing the computer of terror chief Salah Abdeslam, who commanded the ISIS unit responsible for the massacres in Paris on 13 November 2015.

Officers in the French capital found information suggesting terrorists were planning several other attacks, including at least one featuring the use of chemical weapons on remote-controlled aircraft.

European security forces are taking the threat seriously because of credible evidence that ISIS has been working on the development of both technologies for several years.

Chemical weapons are seen as a viable option for jihadists and the first attempts to use them or put them in mortar bombs or rocket launchers dates back to the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

But unlike other terrorist organisations, ISIS has been able to move forward using chemical weapons which found their way to its Syrian strongholds after the looting of Libyan dictator Muanmar Gaddafi’s weapons arsenals.

Intelligence chiefs believe ISIS weapons manufacturers have studied those samples and some Iraqi samples left over from the time of Saddam Hussein.

They fear Dash could be capable of producing significant quantities of mustard gas and chlorine and also developing the technology to deploy such chemical weapons in mortar shells.

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