Hamburger Hill

Tuesday, December 27, 2016
By Paul Martin

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

The Battle of Hamburger Hill, later made into a movie directed by John Irvin, refers to the epic, but completely unnecessary, Vietnam War engagement between the US (and South Vietnamese) and North, aligned with China (a proxy war), that saw huge casualties suffered on both sides of the equation. It was a bloodbath. The boys were ground into hamburger. All for Wall Street greed. All so unnecessary. (i.e. if JFK was allowed to live.)

Of course some may view such things as completely necessary, because we humans are competitive creatures. What’s more, it’s not as if we have progressed in any way over the last half-century. In fact, it could be argued we’ve regressed. But it’s all so much more civilized these days – no? We don’t have wars anymore – we have guised crises, interventions, and peacekeeping missions that must be supported in the name of democracy – all the while America (and friends) still exercise colonial rule.

This is because the real wars are not fought on the battlefields anymore, however they are still with us, just not as obvious. Today, the economy of war is being waged in trade agreements and in the courts, which was the whole idea behind The Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership (TTIP) and Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), both designed for corporate America (and friends) to exercise continued colonial power over its subjects, just not on a conventional battle field on which a strategic advantage was held, but in the courts.

Because in the end it’s all about money and power – and who hold’s it. So as your adversaries become more sophisticated – so must empire (the corporate superstructure) if its’ rule is to continue. For corporations, such deals don’t matter whether you are from the West or East. It doesn’t matter because it’s the taxpayers (state) on the hook for whatever the corporations want. So if a company is ‘wronged’ by a colonial victim because they no longer wish to be exploited, no problem, just sue the country. This is why Canada is the most litigated country in the World, because of NAFTA – because their politicians are idiots. Canadian citizens are being turned into Hamburger (taxed to death) in an undeclared war their politicians do nothing to protect them from because they don’t run the country – multinational corporations do.

So with TTIP and TPP about to be shot down by Donald Trump, corporate America is naturally working on a new deal they are hoping to sneak in (in order to maintain the West’s neo-fascist corporatist system), however things might not go so smoothly here as well if the Presidents recent comments are for real. (i.e. as well as taken literally around the world.) While we wait for this to unfold, we’ll have to be happy watching scumbag politicians in Washington attempt to ram through as much leftist (authoritarian) legislation as possible before Trump is sworn in it appears, with the ‘fake news’ construct at the top of the list at present. I sure hope Trump follows through with his promise to drain the swamp in Washington (the government), or at least get the crazies under control.

Because if he doesn’t, The United States of America won’t make it to the next election without some kind of a civil war / secessions. Apparently the embedded parasites in Washington didn’t get that memo at election time. They just don’t get it. The people of America are tired of their bullshit. No Chinese style totalitarianism will be tolerated.

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