A Massive Coup Awaits Trump- Every Federal Agency Is Compromised

Wednesday, December 21, 2016
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
December 21st, 2016

Paul Martin contacted me on Tuesday, December 21, 2016 and told me that he had uncovered information that a contingency of troops, American and foreign, were training in Wyoming, not far from the Colorado border. These troops were training for urban warfare within the United States.

I subsequently interviewed Paul Martin about this and other related matters. The interview concluded at 1130pm on 12/20/2016. During the course of the interview, I simultaneously used a protected system to send out inquiries to sources that I have used before with regard to the “goings-on” in Wyoming with regard to the domestic subjugation training of US citizens. During my interview with Paul Martin, I put out the following message to trusted contacts.


I am speaking with Paul Martin at the moment and have some questions.

Paul says that urban warfare is being currently being practiced against the American people in a mock town in Wyoming at a military base. Witness claims use of armored vehicles, 50 cal, and non combat troops that are being cr0ss-trained for urban warfare. Confidence call on witness is high.
Since Trump is taking over in a month, can’t he stop this? Awaiting response.

By 3AM, on 12/21, I received 2 hits, one I would call a partial hit and one hit that was very revealing. The following is a transcription from voice to print of a very revealing communication.


I wish you and your family Merry Xmas

…You already have the answer to the question that you have asked. Don’t hesitate reporting. Trump is facing coup. Not necessarily a frontal assault. But a slow burn coup that will destroy everything he tries to do. When economy collapses Trump will be forced to respond with Continuity of Government response mode. He will be forced into a defensive posture just to survive. He will have no choice but to allow crackdown on cities in order to save lives. He will also be met with widespread terror attacks as we have previously discussed

Obama is in the process of leaving Trump a covert and shadow government that will act independently of anything that Trump tries to do. We have word that some of the operatives have been embedded as far deep as a lowly GS 8 position but have access to communications through back channels that are much higher on the chain. These ops have fabricated resumes and work histories and relevant records have been changed. The task of rooting them out would take month/years. Some of the operatives are minorities, so regular government discipline can’t touch them because of the two-tiered system of justice coming from the Civil Service.

I laugh at how naive Trump is that he thinks can drain the swamp. He is facing tens of thousands of federal employees who will f*** up his agenda.

The Wyoming siutation your contact mentions is an extension of the Northern Colorado insurgency forces that have been embedded for years that we have spoken about. They are in play to take care of the Front Range. This is a common practice around the country. For example, you already know about the Chinese from inland ports in Sacremento. It is all the same.

As told to you before, economic collapse is here. Fed pushing it quicker. Unrest will be off charts. Right blames left and so forth.

This would have happened sooner but nobody predicted that Trump would actually win. They thought fraud was too great to lose election.

Many choose to not participate because this will spin out of control- Some x-mil have/are bugging out or have already done so. Preliminary arrests could happen before the clamps are applied and Trump will have nothing to do with this. Agencies will act on their own authority if already compromised. Trump will only be along for ride and will be in self protective mode.

Look at Rawlins again. The previous bio drill is very predictive of what could happen…

The Rest…HERE

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