The Electoral College is the very definition of inclusiveness and diversity… no wonder the crybullies on the left want to dismantle it

Wednesday, December 7, 2016
By Paul Martin

by: Mike Adams
Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Never try to teach a pigeon to play chess, people say. It wastes your time, annoys the pigeon, and you end up with pigeon crap all over your playing board. By the same token, never try to teach a liberal how a representational Republic works. It wastes your time, annoys the liberal, and you end up with liberals making a mess of your country.

So the following article isn’t meant to educate liberals… that’s impossible. They’re beyond the realm of logic and rationality. Rather, it’s intended to help intelligent people understand why the Electoral College is the very definition of “inclusiveness” and “diversity” in a representational Republic. No wonder the political left hates it so much…

America is not a democracy; it’s a Republic

Listening to leftists whine about why they lost the election is worse than hearing a broken record of Michael Bolton’s top 10 all-time greatest hits. “Hillary won the popular vote!” they scream with feigned righteousness, apparently oblivious to the fact that they live in a representational Republic, not a democracy.

In a democracy — also known as “mob rule” — the majority wins every vote. A democracy, the saying goes, is when two foxes and a hen vote on what’s for dinner. In a pure democracy, a delusional mob can vote to take away the fundamental human rights of minority voters. For example, a liberal majority could vote to criminalize Christianity, and as long as they have the majority vote, they think it’s “democratic” to outlaw whatever views, speech or religious beliefs they don’t like. But in a representational Republic, certain individual rights are guaranteed by law and cannot be taken away by the mob. For example, the right to speak freely and the individual right to own and deploy firearms are both rights that are guaranteed to individuals, regardless of the popular delusions of the manipulated mob.

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