Desperate? – Democrats Sue RNC Over Trump’s “Rigged Election” Comments Alleging “Minority Voter Intimidation”

Thursday, October 27, 2016
By Paul Martin

by Tyler Durden
Oct 27, 2016

In a move that wreaks of desperation, and certainly beneath a campaign that is apparently coasting toward a 12-point blowout victory in just over a week, the DNC has sued the RNC over efforts to “ensure ballot integrity” alleging “intimidation of minority voters.” Since when did working with “secretaries of states all over the country to ensure ballot integrity” become a crime? And, why exactly are democrats so fearful of any measure that attempts to ensure the integrity of our federal elections? Is it because such efforts to “ensure ballot integrity” might just prevent the massive voter fraud that we all know exists? Just a guess. Per Politico:

In a motion filed in New Jersey federal court on Wednesday, the Democratic National Committee charges that the RNC has violated the consent decree “by supporting and enabling the efforts of the Republican candidate for President, Donald J. Trump, as well as his campaign and advisors, to intimidate and discourage minority voters from voting in the 2016 Presidential Election.”

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