Are Trump and Clinton Going to be Assassinated at the Same Time?

Thursday, September 22, 2016
By Paul Martin

By Dave Hodges
September 22nd, 2016

Let’s take a globalist perspective of the present situation in the 2016 race for the White House. The criminal elite do not want Donald Trump’s populist movement to progress any further. To do so, would advance the cause of nationalism over the sovereignty busting globalism the end game of the New World Order. However, it would be a case of high risk poker to assassinate Trump as it would put tens of millions into the street and the risk having an uprising that cannot easily be squelched would become real. A military coup might even result.

On the other hand, if Hillary Clinton were to die, or be incapacitated to the point where she cannot continue the campaign, the globalists would witness the election, by default, going to Trump, yet, another unacceptable alternative.

Imagine if both candidates were to suddenly die. Only a handful of Trump supporters would suspect anything nefarious. Clinton’s impending demise would not leave Donald Trump’s revisionist notion for America in the White House. The simultaneous death of Clinton and Trump would allow the globalists to hit the reset button and erase the mistake they made when Trump was not stopped in the early days of the campaign, in Robert F. Kennedy style.

Are Both Candidates Slated to Die?

We are all to aware of the fact that media based predictive programming is utilized by the crimial elite to condition the masses for what is coming. It is not a very big leap of faith to project that in the last 11 days, America has been the recipient of some very disturbing type of predictive programming. It is looking more an more like both candidates are going to meet their fate at, or about, the same time.

The Globalists Have Made a Losing Bet

I think we can all agree that Hillary Clinton is the establishment candidate. And her candidacy has blown up in the face of the her puppet masters. And what do professional gamblers do when a bet goes this bad? They simply fold their cards and wait for the next hand to be dealt. This appears to be the case with Hillary Clinton’s campaign. As I have previously written, her continued candidacy is a liability for the globalists.

In a very bizarre turn of events, the very liberal, left-wing Huffington Post published an “obituary” for Hillary’s campaign listing nine very valid reasons why Clinton will not be elected to the White House. The media, piece by piece, is beginning to run from Hillary Clinton’s campaign. They are clearly preparing for the death of Clinton’s Presidential campaign, and as we will soon see, they may be preparing for her actual death. Actually, both candidates may have their foot on the proverbial banana peel. Let’s start with Donald Trump.

Demonic Voice on Radio Calling for Trump Assassination

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