Do or Die…”as the title of this piece suggests, we had better ‘do something’ about these nut bars or it could be war quite soon – a war we cannot win.”

Monday, August 29, 2016
By Paul Martin

Monday, 29 August 2016

The laws of the jungle are becoming important again as the life cycle of humanity continues to turn. Increasingly, it’s survival of the fittest for both the have-nots and haves alike, whether they choose to realize this or not. In the jungle, it’s ‘do or die’ – the laws of natural selection. The weak and less endowed must stay ahead of the strong or be eaten – and they know it. For some time now however, increasing numbers of human beings have become desensitized to rules of Mother Nature due to technological innovation that has made life ‘easy’ for the masses like never before. And we are still in this false bubble, however the predators continue take prey.

Times are getting tough again however, where the life cycle of benefits associated with technological innovation (money printing included) are being challenged, now forcing increasing numbers back into the jungle. More and more people are beginning to realize we are returning to the ways of the jungle as they are being disenfranchised from easy money existence – where only the top 1% and their dogs (government bureaucrats, private sector agents, etc.) are still feeling the benefit of sterilized money printing. This is understandable of course, because consistent with the laws of the jungle, if you threaten the dominant animals, they will eat you, even their own.

So this is essentially what is happening out there these days, where whether you know it yet or not – if you want to survive – the idea is not to be eaten. In the West, and in terms of ‘technological innovation’ as it applies to the financial markets, which in reality is more ‘desperate intervention’ than ‘basic innovation’ (the basic innovation was money debasement itself, discovered long ago, with all new variations attempts at deception), increasingly complex financial engineering has been the status quo’s modus operandi to continue the pilfering of the masses, with negative interest rate policy (NIRP) the latest example. Again however, as always, the question is, ‘how long will this variation of sterilized currency debasement last’; and, ‘if it fails, would this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back, propelling modern men back towards our more primitive origins’?

The onset of World War III (WWIII) would answer these questions readily, as competition for scarce resources intensifies into a truly ‘dog eat dog’ world. And if Hillary gets into the White House this fall, we should see proliferation in this regard quickly not long afterwards, as she endeavors to reward her neocon supporters, defense contractors, etc. – the US war machine. This is of course why Russia and China have been scrambling to protect themselves from these animals, because they are so ‘out of it’ now they actually think they can profit from some kind of sterilized war (no nukes?), like NIRP (economic war imposed on both foreign and domestic targets), with the delusion factor now running so high – if the public were not so high (distracted with drugs, money, whatever) – they might be able to see clearly – making them justifiably terrified.

So again, as the title of this piece suggests, we had better ‘do something’ about these nut bars or it could be war quite soon – a war we cannot win. Trump is putting himself out there as the solution to this situation, however as the alluded to above, what happens when the competition for scarce resources intensifies globally anyway? You should know this is China’s grand plan long-term, better know as the Silk Road. They intend to overtake America in every way (military, currency, etc.), which is understandable because it’s natural – the laws of the jungle at work. That said, with China’s aspirations perhaps not so clandestine, still, what the neocons have planned is far worse because they are fighting the ‘natural order’ – because The Banana Republic of America is broke.

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