The Hard Reality of Collapse: “You Will Eventually Be Responsible For Healing The Sick And Treating Wounds”

Tuesday, August 23, 2016
By Paul Martin

Mac Slavo
August 23rd, 2016

Should we ever be presented with a situation wherein the system as we have come to know it collapses, the one thing we can be certain of is that we will be faced with a variety of life-threatening situations.

Dr. Joseph Alton and Nurse Amy Alton of explain in their recently revised and expanded edition of The Survival Medicine Handbook: The Essential Guide For When Medical Help Is Not On The Way:

Since the last edition of this book was published, the natural and man-made disasters humanity has endured have been too numerous to count. Floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, heat waves, blizzards, and other weather events have caused major damage and loss of life.Terrorist attacks and active shooter events have become more commonplace. International tensions have elevated and may lead to a major confrontation in the future.

It’s hard to witness recent events without a vague sense of foreboding. Regardless of your political beliefs, somewhere in the back of your mind you know that things are not the same as when you were a child. There are more extreme weather events. There are more open declarations of hostility and violent acts almost everywhere, sometimes by organized groups and other times by the unhinged and deranged.

Despite our current predicament, those who prepare for the consequences of these happening are looked upon with amusement and, sometimes, suspicion. The general population associates them with reality show contestants that dress in camouflage and live in bunkers.

All of the events mentioned above have lead to almost unimaginable losses of life and injuries in just the last 10 years alone, not to mention similar disasters through the centuries. Nowadays, these events seem to happen so regularly that most people have started ignoring them altogether. For the general population it is merely another news story amid a rapidly evolving 24-hour news cycle. They can ignore the devastation because it’s happening on television, almost as if it is a scripted reality show.

But those who are grounded in actual reality understand that disasters happen quite regularly, all over the world, and can come at anytime. And when those disasters strike, your neighborhood, region or entire country could affected to such an extent that the things we have come to rely upon in our every day lives could be gone in an instant.

Law and order would break down, leading to looting, robbing and pillaging. The power grid itself could be compromised, knocking out electricity and everything that is dependent on it, including public water filtration systems. And as we’ve seen in major disaster zones in the United States and elsewhere, a total shutdown of transportation services and the ability to acquire essential goods at grocery stores often has immediate impact.

But one often ignored aspect of preparedness is perhaps the most important, because when a significant disaster strikes, we can fully expect emergency responders, including hospital workers, to stop showing up for work.

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