Dr. Jim Willie Reveals 2nd Death Threat From U.S. Government (Video)

Monday, August 22, 2016
By Paul Martin

August 22, 2016

In the interview below, Elijah Johnson of Finance and Liberty talked to Dr. Jim Willie about the coming crash of the U.S. Dollar, and how it affects ordinary Americans, because that’s what we all care about isn’t it? How many of us really care how the collapse of the U.S. Dollar affects hedge fund managers? Since the topic can get a bit complicated, after the interview, I include an article titled, Why it Matters if the Dollar is the Reserve Currency, and I have embedded two videos within the article where I try to break down why the collapse of the Dollar is imminent, but I do so in layman’s terms.

NOTE: In the interview below, it is the second time I’ve head Dr. Willie discuss threats on his life from agents within the U.S. government for discussing the U.S. Dollar collapse. The first time was in a post titled, Dr. Jim Willie: “I Fear the U.S. Government Murder Squad, or Being Poisoned by my Government.” In an interview within that post, the host of The Financial Argument asked Dr. Willie what he feared most, and Dr. Willie responded by saying, “I fear the U.S. government and their murder squads, I fear being gunned down or run over by a black SUV, or I fear being poisoned by my government like Catherine Austin Fitts was, at a recent event with a certain FBI official, who was trying to go public with certain information…”

Within hours of my posting that interview, it was removed from the Internet, and I’ve never been able to find it again. THAT should give you some idea how serious the issue of the Dollar’s collapse is. When a country is bankrupt ($20 TRILLION in debt), once the currency collapses, and there is nowhere left to borrow from, the situation can become rather complex. Supply lines into the country can become a real problem as I mention in the final video below. Since the U.S. imports 50% of our food, and we run a trade deficit of $500 BILLION dollars, most Americans cannot comprehend how difficult like will become here.

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