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Monday, August 8, 2016
By Paul Martin
August 8, 2016


The war on drugs started decades ago with Nixon. It was a huge success for the government. The US government created a present day $250,000,000,000 enterprise for local, state and federal police forces. That makes the war on drugs one of the largest businesses in the world and it ultimately benefits one institution—the government police state. This makes the US a police state; plain and simple. We live in a police state that makes Nazi Germany look benign.

The next winners are the drug cartels. These groups supply product to the end consumers, making trillions of income. The Bush family has been invested in this business since the 1960’s. Transshipment of heroin from SE Asian provided vast profits for the CIA during the Vietnam war.

The fact is that the US didn’t have a drug problem until the war on drugs was started. We have the drug war equivalent of the Military Industrial Complex embedded in this country. Every country IN THE WORLD, including your country, is a victim of the United States and their war on drugs. It’s that bad.

The government gets a piece of that cartel action; something on the order of 20%. That is, if the government decides to allow the cartels to operate that business instead of taking over the business directly, such as the US military and contractors managing the Afghan opium harvest. 80% of all the heroin/opium in the world comes from this region. The reason the US military is fighting the Taliban is because the Taliban are against opium. That is the only reason we are still in Afghanistan. Our troops are fighting the people who want to destroy that US military drug business model. President Obama knows this. He’s part of this scam. What do you expect of a drug addict who is also the President of the United States? The winner of the Nobel Peace Prize has presided over the longest period of war in the history of the US. Figure that!

The government is not completely stupid. They know that they cannot operate the drug business with the ruthless efficiency of a well managed operation such as the Sinaloa Cartel et al. These cartels are fronts for the CIA and other elements of the government that have one operating directive. Keep the drugs flowing.

They provide oversight to these these cartels, indirectly most of the time, either through direct threat of execution or a significant hit to the central management structure or infrastructure, thus reining in the excesses of the cartel. So long as everyone gets their beak wet business will continue. When innocent people die in these efforts that’s just collateral damage. Those deaths don’t count.

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