The top 7 corporations, organizations, and foundations doing the MOST DAMAGE to planet earth and all those who inhabit it

Saturday, June 18, 2016
By Paul Martin

by: S. D. Wells
Saturday, June 18, 2016

Sure, it’s frustrating to think of the big picture sometimes, and the destructive elements of this world that it seems we have no control over and can’t change, but what if you found out today that you have COMPLETE CONTROL over these forces, would you begin immediately to exert that capability? It’s a rather simple solution that people underestimate every day, and basically every hour of every day. It’s a beautiful thing to empower yourself while changing the world for the better. It’s actually the smartest move you can make. Instead of giving away what you need to survive in order to help others, you can hold on to what you need and help others. Genius, huh? Keep reading.

The secret is no secret at all. All the control lives in the power of a single dollar bill, and that power is exerted over, and over, and over again. Many people spend at least a dollar every hour of their lives, even if they don’t pull that dollar directly out of their purse or wallet with their hands. We purchase everything from coffee and pet treats to chewing gum and a piece of fruit. We’ll run to the store on a moment’s notice just to buy a mini-pack of aspirin or a bottled water at the gas station. There is never a moment spent thinking about who made the product, what’s REALLY in it, and what it’s doing to our health and the environment, from the ingredients to the package that contains it, and from factory pollution to the agricultural pesticides used to create it.

You have the solution to every health and environmental problem between your finger and thumb–and it’s called the dollar bill. Everything you purchase either contributes to bad health and pollution or good health and sustainability. You choose. Every single corporation in the world would go bankrupt within days if everyone boycott their products and instantly stopped spending money on them. Period. Another way we all control our destiny and the future of our natural planet is with our support or non-support of the regulatory agencies in the USA and the people that run them. Your vote on the city, state, and national levels can change WHO is appointed and elected to these controlling positions, and thus make a huge difference in legislation that affects agriculture and medicine. Start second-guessing HOW you spend every single dollar bill, whether by cash or credit. Who are you giving your money to, and do they really care about you, your family, our environment, and the future of our planet? There’s one thing for sure, there are 7 corporations, organizations, and foundations that are doing massive, chronic damage to planet earth and all those who inhabit it, and they MUST be stopped.

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