Friday, April 29, 2016
By Paul Martin

Apr 28, 2016

Let’s talk about the serious stuff for a minute. In the worst case scenario that an EMP would hit the US, just how well prepared do you think you are? I’m not going to go over the technical stuff about how an EMP is used, what it is, or even who would use it; honestly I am half inclined to think that this corrupt government of ours would use it on its citizens as a false flag attack. No, that’s not what I’m going to talk about now. Instead let’s talk about the dirty facts of what will most likely happen with in the first two months of an EMP attack. Now this will be a back forth kind of read. Most of these events I’m listing will be occurring simultaneously and others be a domino effect. Just read and understand that this is just my part of my perspective from the worst case scenario.

-Day 1 to 2 weeks-
Multiple EMPs hit the majority of the continental United States with little to no warning. A preemptive strike from our U.S. Military has begun on enemy nations. Power goes out nationwide. Basic things survive like cars built prior to the 80s, flashlights, some survival gadgets, anything protected from an EMP that is inside of a faraday cage (that worked); almost all of our basic electronics that we use in a day to day would be fried. Hand pump water wells will be readily used once the electric pumps are gone, better hope you have one. Oil lamps and candles will be lit to “keep the lights on” in the houses and bonfires will become the norm and a sort of gathering place to spread the rumors of the day.

Day 2 and beyond, all the frozen meats and fruits will be eaten and people will start to open those old cans of food. People will act like it’s an extended camping trip and cooks s’mores with the kids. Men will use the restrooms outside and the women folk will have to be more discreet.

Within 5 days martial law is implemented due to panic of no electricity and no running water. A strict curfew has been enforced. Cops are on high alert and heavily armed. Church groups will form up for emergency meeting and so will other community leaders.

Ignorant masses are burning thru food rations and sewage and waste are common smell now, along with smoke from fires. Remember that most large cities will run out of food and fresh water within 2 to 3 weeks approximately. Small rural towns may fair a week or two longer before self-sustained food storage starts to get tapped. The Federal, State, and local police forces along with National Guard units are mobilized and bracing for the big event soon to happen, the riots. Groups of men gather together and set up a armed neighborhood watch.

Some preppers and vets who saw this coming are implementing their continuity of operations and banding together at rally points. The prepper nation will have the best response to this since they have been storing months plus of food, water, ammo, guns, wood, propane, butane, gas, diesel, solar panels, learned basic first aid and field triage, have plenty of canned foods and most have a sustainable garden or small to large farm, hopefully will be living off the grid in a secured compound and listening in on their HAM radios, kicking back and laughing, if they are smart they will be preparing for unexpected visitors and praying that God will be with them during this storm.

2 weeks into it. Now fresh water is hard to find and multitudes of people have to haul buckets of water from water ,available, sources and must go back and forth several times a day and bring heavy buckets of water back to their homes to use for toilets, bathing, and cooking-some smartly storing and purifying. Ditches will be dug from water ways if possible or if even thought of, to lead from the accessible water ways back to local ponds/reservoirs to act as a water storage area. Stagnate pools will be commonly used for some water sources but may contain debris, dead animals or dead people, parasites and dangerous wildlife seeking refuge in the coolness of the water; and will have to be filtered. People begin to trade and barter for supplies and food. Water towers may last a month or so depending on water levels and usage. Wild animals from zoos are now able to start escaping and they are looking to feed upon anything or anyone (imagine a pride of lions walking through your back yard and eating your golden retriever). Nursing homes are turning into morgues due to a lack of emergency services. Hospitals are being abandoned by staff members while more patients are flooding in. Towns are grouping together and now taking drastic measures to ration food and water, groups are being gathered to put out small fires, posse’s are being formed to stop looters, and search parties are being sent out to gather supplies and hunt wildlife. Criminal groups, established gangs, and newly established gangs are now running through cities and towns, doing as they please, taking what they please. These criminal groups are now controlling some main access roads, taking over warehouses, holding people hostage, ambushing families, taking young girls for sex slaves, and using the hostages to trade for food, gas, gear, alcohol, drugs and weapons.

2 to 3 weeks now the Nuclear power plants are now unstable and possibly overheating, becoming unstable and exploding across the country turning 1/16 of the country into “no go zones”. Large Damns are failing under pressure and breaking, flooding and killing everything within miles of its reach. Medicine supplies will be close to exhausted and will force families to do things they would never do, to get their child’s much needed medicine. Violent riots and looting for food, water, gas/diesel, medicine, weapons, ammunition, child care needs, and other survival items people deemed necessary to include whatever you have THAT PEOPLE KNOW YOU HAVE, began on day three and continues to week 3. Mass groups of people are migrating to where ever they think or feel the ability to survive is. Megacities are depleting its populations starting a chain event of a mass exodus and spreading it’s citizens to the suburbs, then the suburban citizens will look for refuge in the rural areas, and the rural areas now having to stand their ground as hundreds of thousands to hundred thousands, to millions of road weary travelers are making their way to where they think “hope and tranquility” are abundant; and now the rural societies are either trying to take people in or keep them out, or head to the hills and swamps. A clash of societies happening with only one outcome, madness. Wild packs of once domestic dogs slowly turning on their masters due to hunger. People raiding farms, stealing livestock, raiding homes in their neighborhood, families murdered in their sleep and homes ransacked. The small armies of former combat veterans are gaining ranks and responding to incidents, determined to fight all forms of terrorist both foreign and domestic, seeking gout the out violent gangs, and engaging them with extreme prejudice. That’s the end of the first two weeks.

-3 weeks to 2 months-
NATION WIDE- Millions have died off from starvation, malnutrition, dehydration, sickness, murder, accidents, natural health issues, lack of power to run lifesaving equipment, fighting and cannibalism. The towns and cities are at war with each other over food and fresh water with criminal gangs now terrorizing towns and taking them over, possibly enslaving the citizens of the town. Parts of the country are radiologically unstable due to the meltdown at the nuclear power plants. Earth quakes, blizzards, wildfires, tornadoes, hurricanes, and droughts are killing off hundreds of thousands more. Humanitarian efforts from other countries are mobilizing and enroot with supplies, but very, very, few supplies. Actual war has broken out across the world now that every nation understands that the USA has been brought to its knees. Drug addicted persons are having violent reactions to not having their drugs and are vandalizing everything. Persons with psychotic issues are running rampant on the environment. Religious cult groups are assaulting persons and towns claiming they are the new world order, thousands flocking to them. Ritual human sacrifice is growing to popularity. Militias are forming and starting to fight extremist groups, criminal groups, and other militias. People are running low on ammunition, fuel is almost all gone, and few crops are starting to yield produce. Creeks are being dammed off for domestic water use and for fishing. Ponds are being created, lakes are heavily populated and people from the coast are moving inward and people from the cities are moving to the coast. Communities are either failing or dying off or are being successful somewhat prospering. Maybe a spiritual revival has started? Maybe there is a chance now? Maybe we will be rescued and the power will just turn back on? Plan for that maybe not happening. But there is some good news, you at least will be forced to get in some cardio sessions and not be addicted to TV anymore.

*Things that were left out*
-Carbureted engines would be the saviors of the day.
-Riding horseback would be the norm.
-Bicycles would finally become popular.
-Pogo sticks will still have no use.
-Hand gliders may actually seem more feasible in regards to some kind of transportation method.
-Most boats with basic engines should survive, or you will learn how to row and make a proper sail (hold fast).
-Wind gliders will be seen going up and
-Enemy and once friendly countries are invading the U.S.
-The U.S. military has been sent back to CONUS and is now being deployed to major cities to combat “dangerous extremist” and gathering food and fresh water supplies; what you once thought was yours, is now theirs.
-Solar farms being established and maintained
-Mandatory recruitment of all males and possibly females, above the ages of 13, into the military.
-“Mandatory work” camps, concentration camps for prisoners, enemy dissidents, “crazys”, and whomever else finds themselves in there will be used maintain crop fields, cattle farms, making and fixing military supplies. The public will more than likely not be getting any of these rations.
-All out ground war between invading militaries and American populations. Like Iraq and Afghanistan all over again.
-U.S. military forces meeting invading military forces on the battle fields coming to a town near you.
-Ariel drops of U.S. and Invading troops across the nations.
-The borders separating Canada and Mexico from the U.S. gone and waves of migrant hordes coming through.
-Terrorist committing to their plans and now more than capable of killing mass amounts of people.
-Naval warfare striking our coast lined cities and towns with howitzer and missile bombardments.
-Air craft dog fights in the skies above, showering down random thousands of 20mm or higher bullets upon unsuspecting populations. To include, bombing runs, carpet bombing, and possibly rations being dropped to local populations (more than likely for the military ground force that is already there expecting to receive the rations and now having to fight off starving fathers trying to feed their families with whatever force necessary.)
-I did not mention survival items, surplus of food and other supplies or what measures to implement during this event.

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