America’s ‘Fight For 15’ fast food worker protesters are unskilled at everything except playing victims… here’s how they can bully their way to $100 / hour while burning down their own communities

Friday, April 15, 2016
By Paul Martin

by Mike Adams
Friday, April 15, 2016

We now have an economy where instead of young people going to college and learning skills that earn them decent money, they attend politically correct universities that teach crybully tactics to churn out “social justice warriors” who rely on “mob-onomics” to try to extort money out of local employers.

Welcome to the “Fight for 15” crybully protests which are largely focused on fast food workers who demand $15 / hour wages for the simple reason that they need ‘mo money! What’s the strategy for achieving such wages… do they boost their skills and value, then professionally negotiate with employers? Nope. They shout down their opponents and battle with police, believing that they alone have a unique generational right to bully their way to “economic justice” by demanding money be transferred out of the paper thin margins of small business owners and into their own pockets (so they can buy more pot, of course, ‘cuz it’s legal and everything).

While it sucks to earn minimum wage in America, the obvious answer to resolving a personal income deficiency is to learn more skills that hold value for prospective employers. But today’s college-educated, P.C. aligned victimtards aren’t interested in becoming more skilled… they’re only interested in becoming more belligerent and intimidating to their employment opposition. With enough kicking and screaming, they figure, society will cave in and give them all $15 / hour. After all, kicking and screaming worked with mommy and daddy… and it even worked with their “safe space” college professors, too. So why not try it in the jobs market, too?

If society rewards this kind of behavior, it will only be amplified even more

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