Panama Papers Long-Con: NIRP Will Make Holding Physical Cash/Gold/Silver An “Illegal Tax Haven”

Saturday, April 9, 2016
By Paul Martin
April 9th, 2016

Well with this thought in mind come what I feel may very well be the long-con of the Panama Papers, a con I haven’t yet seen discussed, which wouldn’t become apparent for most until around the time that Negative Interest Rate Policy (NIRP) are being talked about openly on a mass scale throughout the world. You see with all this “end tax haven” talk, people are blinded by the obvious aspects of this leak, which target the rich, the corrupt, offshore companies and billionaires, as this is where the discussion is currently pointed. The issue is, like everything, you should ask how it will impact you personally. You’re not a billionaire are you? Do you have a series of shell companies? Do you frequent Panamanian law firms? No I didn’t think so, so those specific elements likely don’t directly impact you right? But if you physically hold precious metals like gold or silver or even physical cash, you may find out in the end that it does impact you all the same…

Understand that very soon, something is going to take place to negatively impact the U.S. economy in a major way, likely a multi-day series of false flags so they can act like the victim instead of the cause, which I personally feel may very well be a large scale cyber-attack in New York and a near-simotanious low-yield nuclear attack on D.C. and Chicago, as the major elements. Anyways, in the end, whatever takes place, the U.S. and many other countries throughout the world in the fairly near future, in the false flags aftermath are going to be implementing not only Negative Interest Rates, but also a large series of systemic bail-ins, both of which are technically a form of taxation. Negative Interest Rates will slowly eat away at your savings in the bank, while the bail-in aspect on the other hand would directly take a percentage of your total savings within your account in a lump sum. Anyways as part of this, people are going to be doing everything they can to avoid these harsh taxes, and with this comes hoarding of physical cash, precious metals, and other physical forms of wealth storage that can’t easily be taxed.

The issue is, with this Panama Paper leak and all its pre-conditioning against tax havens, people aren’t realizing yet, that very soon, once Negative Interest Rates and Bail-Ins are being openly discussed and prepared for implementation, the whole tax haven or tax dodger discussion in the media will quickly switch from talking about corrupt billionaires and shell companies half way around the world, and instead will be talking about something much closer to home, literally… Understand, once Negative Interest Rates and Bail-Ins are implemented, simply having your wealth outside of the banking system in any form will be seen as a tax haven, and you will become a tax dodger. Due to the conditioning taking place right now via this Panama Papers leak, the majority of the mindless population will not understand the difference between hiding billions offshore, and storing a couple ounces of gold under your mattress as a personal choice of savings, and because of this soon these 2 completely different actions will be basically seen as one and the same… tax haven, tax dodger, illegal.

In my strong opinion this whole thing is all part of the coming capitol control war, which ties directly in with the coming transition to a biometric digital currency, the implementation of Negative Interest Rates, the rollout of large scale systemic bail-ins, and the demonization and eventual criminalization of physical assets that are outside of direct taxation control (which again would be done using the pre-conditioned guise of “tax havens”, with physical precious metals and physical cash being the main targets).

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