The 15 best businesses to operate in a collapse

Friday, November 20, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Mike Adams
Friday, November 20, 2015

When the economy collapses, you’ll still need a way to generate goods or services that can be bartered with others for survival. While lots of people have gone to great lengths in the realm of prepping with stored food, medicine, water filters, precious metals, ammo and communications equipment, very few have realistically thought about what sort of business they might run in a post-collapse economy.

In this two-part special report airing on, I cover the 15 best businesses to operate in a collapse.

A collapse doesn’t mean just sitting around eating canned food

The topic of running a post-collapse business is very important to explore, because far too many people believe that a collapse will merely mean them sitting around, living off stored foods and waiting for order to be restored.

Depending on the collapse scenario, that restoration could take YEARS (consider an EMP attack that takes out the Large Power Transformers across the grid). During that time, even someone who is well stocked with food and other supplies will still need to engage in community barter and local commerce. And sooner or later, even large supplies of stored food run out and need to be replaced with freshly grown food…

That’s why every person needs to be able to produce something of value in a barter economy: a product or a service that someone else finds valuable in a collapse scenario.

For example, shoe repair skills seem antiquated in today’s economy, but they can be extremely valuable in a collapse. In fact, show and clothing repair is a “business” that can be very successful in a collapse.

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    REALLY? You think with millions of guns and billions of rounds and no food or water your gonna trade goods do ya?… lol wake up people who have no food or water or alot of food will be shooting you for all your worth..

    Lets say your in your safe place and who will you trade with? Since most people wont have anything who? You gonna put out a sign or maybe walk the streets ringing a bell…. who wants to barter for my excess goods?

    Alot of people are gonna find out the hard way..

    Just as soon as people stop shootin ill go out with my goods and trade.
    People will still be civil… its all cool



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