Jim Willie Explains U.S. Nuclear War Threats to China and Russia Over Challenging Dollar Supremacy

Friday, November 13, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Voice of Reason
13 Nov., 2015

In the following audio interview, Jim Willie guests stars for an interview at the Beyond Bitcoin Community where he shares his overall assessment of the geopolitical economic landscape. To begin, Jim starts off talking about how the current state of the world has gone from beyond surreal to all too real! Like many of us, Jim never thought the Dollar would make it past 2010, but that was assuming the U.S. would play by the rules. Once we saw QE1, QE2, QE3, and what will probably soon be QE4, things became rather surreal as it became more obvious that the U.S. was willing to play fast and loose with the Dollar, which is just going to result in a larger and much more painful crash when it eventually does come. As for the non-stop rumors of a Fed rate hike, people should really know by now that they are just that: Rumors. Perhaps the Fed thinks by saying it is considering raising rates, that it can somehow “will” its way to a recovery, but the reality is far more grim. A Fed rate hike could destroy the whole treasury system, the Wall Street Banks, and the Fed’s balance sheet. How many times do people need to hear it? The Fed is NOT going to raise rates in December.

When it comes to the strong U.S. Dollar, Jim explains how the strong Dollar is a ridiculously misleading indicator as to the state of the U.S. economy. First of all, it’s only strong because other countries that are less screwed up than the United States have fled to the Dollar for security, but sooner or later the facade will be up, and the same people pouring money into the Dollar, will realize that the Dollar is worse than wherever their money was. In the meantime, the “strong” Dollar is crushing exports. In a joking manner, even though there’s nothing funny about it, Jim talks about the hottest new U.S. export: Empty shipping containers. Now, in addition to our other favorite exports, things like toxic paper bonds, diabetes through our fast food and junk, laced vaccines, and GMO’s, we are now exporting over 200,000 EMPTY containers out of the California ports and back to China. Adding insult to injury, is those containers don’t ship for free, so we’re paying money to ship air to China. The culprit, the strong Dollar, because the cost of our crap goods is too expensive for other countries to buy so long as the Dollar is “strong.”

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