Economic Collapse — The Train Wreck that is Happening Now!

Monday, November 9, 2015
By Paul Martin

NOVEMBER 9, 2015

Even the Tweedledumbs of Wall Street are finally catching on to the fact that global economic collapse is happening all around them. Two weeks ago, they could have stood inside the building shown on the left with their nicely polished, rose-colored glasses and seen only signs of an improving housing market. Now enough shingles are falling on their heads that they’re starting to realize things are falling apart.

To back up my case that even the US economy is now collapsing, I’ll quote the permaBULLs who are finally joining me — though they’ve never heard of me — in agreement that the US stock market is crashing and/or that we are experiencing a global economic collapse. Anyone can quote the permabears to support a bear market; so, I’ll build my case stronger by quoting The Resistance.

Even bullheaded Jim Cramer can smell a bear and glimpse a global economic collapse
CNBC’s Jim Cramer is a man who usually can’t get out the word “bear” even when one is eating his butt. So, one sure sign the bull market is dead is when you hear Cramer, who less than two weeks ago was prating about now being the time to buy “the dip” in the stock market, stating that we have clearly entered a bear market:

I think we’re very much IN a bear market. (“Cramer: We’re in a bear market“)

Jim Cramer waved goodbye to September and a horrendous third quarter on Wednesday. The market declined almost 10 percent during that time, and “every rally turned out to be a trap or a sucker’s game!” (“Cramer: I can’t be bullish“)

While the bear market is now obvious enough that even Cramer cannot avoid admitting it has a bite he doesn’t like, his foresight is limited to thinking it will turn out to be something like the mini crash that I also predicted back in August 2011 … a month before it happened (which he also missed).

In other words, Cramer now gets it without getting it. Little does he perceive how big are the gaping jaws of this particular bear who has his hind side, though even Cramer does casually mention “the threat of collapse,” moving along quickly as if collapse is barely worth a mention.

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