EMP Attack Survival Guide

Thursday, November 5, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Bob Rodgers
November 3, 2015

You wake up in the middle of the night and hear a crash sound outside. The lights are off and you stumble in the dark to find a working flashlight. Once you get outside you notice that a power outage hit your neighborhood, you check your phone but it’s dead too. That doesn’t make any sense, the street lamps are off and nothing seems to work, then it hits you “It happened, an EMP attack happened and everything is fried”. It’s time to rely on your EMP attack survival plan and keep your family safe.

You realize that the world you knew is gone and any electronic device more sophisticated than a basic flashlight is fried beyond repair. In moments like these, you are glad you made EMP attack survival plan and it’s time to see if it really works.

Your neighborhood, your nation or maybe the world has been hit by an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) and you will have to survive without the daily appliances you got used to.

What is an EMP?

An Electromagnetic Pulse or EMP is a sudden burst of electromagnetic radiation and it can be a natural occurrence or it can be triggered by man-made devices. In fact, EMPs occur every day and the sun activity is the main cause of these events. Most of them go unnoticed, but massive pulses can destroy some of the sensitive electronic devices. A large EMP attack can destroy the transformers that regulate our power grid and it creates a chain reaction that can destroy humanity itself. Before you make an EMP attack survival plan, you must know how probable an EMP attack is and how it’s created.

Which are the main sources that can cause an EMP attack?

Solar Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)

This event is one of the most probable natural disasters that can hit our planet and it’s a major concern for many governments, including the government of the United States. A coronal mass ejection (CME) is a sudden eruption of plasma from the surface of the sun, what NASA calls “Solar Storms”. NASA keeps warning us that if a large solar storm were to hit Earth, the EMP pulse will cause transformers to short and it will destroy our power grid. It seems that major news channels don’t take this threat seriously and I haven’t seen our government take any precautionary measures for the general public. I’ve seen the manufacturing process of parts needed for our power grid being outsourced to China and it’s like adding another nail to our coffin. The worst part is that, these types of events happened before and although it didn’t had such a big impact at that time, it will be another story in today’s modern times. This is a serious threat that most people are not aware off. Even more, most of the US citizens haven’t even heard of an EMP attack survival plan and they have no clue of what to do in the eventuality of such event.

Nuclear Detonation (NEMP)

A nuclear electromagnetic pulse is a pulse created by a nuclear detonation. If a nuclear warhead detonates close to the surface of the Earth, the EMP blast is absorbed into the ground and the effect is negligible. However, if a nuclear warhead is detonated dozens or hundreds of miles above the Earth, the situation changes dramatically and the effects are devastating. An EMP attack high in the upper atmosphere will spread with incredible speed with nothing to contain or interrupt it. This is what military analysts and most scientists refer to as an EMP attack. Only in recent years the army has developed an EMP attack survival guide and it’s becoming a threat acknowledged by army officials. The effects of a nuclear EMP attack are so precise that it damages even small circuitry and overall, makes it much more dangerous and destructive than a coronal mass ejection.

How likely is an EMP attack (event)?

An EMP attack striking the United States is a real scenario and with the addiction we get from our electronic devices, our vulnerability increases. General Eugene Habiger, the former head of U.S. Strategic Command said at some point that an EMP attack “it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when”. If Russia and China have the means to produce and detonate high-altitude nuclear bombs, you may think that they are the primary suspects, but the reality is different. North Korea successfully tested an EMP weapon in 2009 and Isis is planning to detonate EMP devices on US soil. The components needed to create a small but effective EMP device are readily available and the man power/knowledge is being acquired by terrorists groups and extremists. Isis extremists are constantly kidnaping engineers, hoping to achieve their goals. There is a lot of information out there about their actions and how they keep the media “busy” with their gruesome videos, while working on their bigger plan on the side. These hateful extremists understood that they can’t win unless they strike at the core of our needs (power, supplies and security) and detonating an EMP on American soil is their main goal.

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