Thanks to Congress the UN Plot to Confiscate American Guns Took a Giant Step Forward

Tuesday, August 25, 2015
By Paul Martin

by Dave Hodges
25 Aug, 2015

Trapped within the fanfare Chinese Black Monday and the American stock market plunging almost 600 points yesterday, suspicious explosions in China and on an American military base, there has been a very important, but quiet development ,which is escaping the attention of both the American people and the Independent Media.

The Corker Bill Spells the End of the Second Amendment

We are safe from the ravages of the UN Small Arms Treaty, aren’t we? In fact, many Senators have openly stated that they refuse to ratify this controversial treaty. Well, that is not exactly true. There is a new process established by the new Corker bill may very well have changed the way treaties are passed from here on out.

Under our Constitution, a full two thirds vote from senators for ratification to approve any kind of a treaty. This provision of the Constitution is very clear on this point and it is designed to prevent a treasonous subversion of the Constitution. However when one is living under a criminal enterprise, such as the one presented by the present criminal enterprise in power, who worries about following the rules? As a case in point, under the Corker bill, in order to have stopped the Iran nuclear deal, a two thirds vote to stop it from being implemented by the White House. This is not what the Constitution says and this out and out treason against the people of the United States as the Corker bill is a back door to taking our guns while nullifying the second Amendment.

Under the Corker bill, the following paragraphs describe what we are in for.

The Plot to Disarm America Is Commencing

The Rest…HERE

One Response to “Thanks to Congress the UN Plot to Confiscate American Guns Took a Giant Step Forward”


    This type of legislative action is possible today necause our Old Constitution with its three seperate but equal branches no longer exidt
    nd thete is now no Constitutionaly valid body we the American populace can turn to, When Congress illegaly turned all war making powets over to executive Branch that was.the day US.Constitutionaly Representative government died.
    It was in actuality dead long before that and thst is the reason those thieves and buffoons had no comprwhension of what they had.done.
    They wrte too busy each om own power and greed filled trips that now when they np longer legislate until the Executive Branch OKs , they have mow lost any powers to browbeat corpirate or finanvial includingvmilitary contractorsb becuse all such powers now reside in the unelected officials of the Executive Branch.
    Obama hammered home death notice one midnight eve eith his National defence bill.
    Congrees thought they would kiss Executive butt and be rewardef.with personal wealth and innstead they got up next morn to find their short haird had all been shaved clean


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