The Rising of the Beast: TPP is the planned Communist Utopian dream

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
By Paul Martin

By Doug Hagmann
June 10, 2015

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and its agent of tyrannical empowerment, the Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) exists today as the most overt and sinister example of the Communist utopian dream of a one world government.

The “conspiracy theory” detailing the establishment of a “New World Order” where national sovereignty, the destruction of the middle class and ultimate enslavement of all people except the global elite remains a conspiracy, but is no longer a theory to be ridiculed. Its final stages are being put into place for all to see, or at least those who have eliminated the corporate media from their daily diet of disinformation, deception and distortion.

Due in large part to a media captured and controlled by global corporate interests, and the unabashed secrecy that surrounds this “trade” agreement, most people are in the dark about the intent and consequences of the TPP and the TPA. Moreover, there is deliberate obfuscation of the terms being used and the insincere attempts to legitimize the need for the TPA, which was once known as “Fast Track Negotiating Authority.”

Although the TPP is being constructed in secret and disclosure of its contents is a criminal offense, it would seem reasonable to argue that no one knows exactly what it contains. That is only partially true. There have been several leaks and allegations by those privy to the voluminous document that it extends well beyond trade and is more of an international treaty that will adversely impact our national sovereignty and individual rights.

The Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) is being promoted as a measure that will compel the President into compliance and transparency with Congress, and, ultimately, the American people. At least that’s the reason given by presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, for example, a proponent of the TPA, as cited by his campaign and echoed by his supporters. But is this assertion accurate, or is it being used to justify the transference of power and facilitate a global government?

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