Tuesday, April 28, 2015
By Paul Martin


Willie: This is very difficult for most Americans to hear, but we all except the historical background of the US. It’s the cradle of capitalism, the beacon of freedom-not any more! I mean, can you point to anything where we’re the cradle of capitalism, or to a beacon of freedom?

Now we’re a primary axis for fascism. When did it really change?

In the 1990 decade Clinton and Bush changed everything. They stole Fort Knox. They stole the US government’s reserves for gold by installing a 1% gold lease, a privilege that you could not use, but Wall Street banks could.

So we saw a rather historical drop in the interest rate, and they capitalized on that by going long on bond futures contracts and they capitalized on the [price] suppression of gold by going short on gold futures contracts. I estimate that Rubin and his gang made somewhere on the order of 2 or 3 trillion dollars by raiding the US gold.

Then the 9/11 incidents pretty much killed the national spirit and installed Fascism. I call the Patriot Act the “Fascist Manifesto”. The Patriot Act shredded the Constitution.

The banker cabal wishes to install across the Western World a totalitarian state. One of the chief architects of this is David Rockefeller.

He’s about 96 years old now. It’s funny-he’s got a little side project. They call it 20-20. They want to be able to download the human brain’s contents, thought, memories, belief systems, personalities and emotional stuff.

They want to download it into a computer so that it can be uploaded later into a different body. That’s what David Rockefeller is working on and Kissinger is one of his main buddies for that.

You cannot have a totalitarian state, which is just extreme fascism, without wrecking the economy. They want to wreck the US economy, they want to wreck the European economy and install fascism.

One of the chief architects for the banking side of this was Greenspan. He gave the Americans what they wanted-easy money! He gave them what they wanted for asset bubbles. On the other side of broken asset bubbles is a wrecked financial and economic system.

The US can’t really install this totalitarian state across the Western world as long as Europe is semi-healthy.
The US wants to wreck Europe so that they can have a totalitarian state.

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